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Chapter 16 in Rizal

Reporting in Rizal

ronmay 28

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 16 in Rizal

Chapter 16:
The Resolute Propagandist Abdicates Leadership Ang mga propagandista sa espana ay nagtatag ng isang samahan upang iparating ang kanilang tinig sa pamahalaang Espanya. Sumapi sa asosasyon ang mga Kastilang repormista na nakikiisa sa layunin ng mga Pilipino. Ano ang Associacion Hispano-Filipina?
Marcelo H. del Pilar

kilala bilang ang "Dakilang Propagandista", ay isang ilustrado noong panahon ng Espanyol. Ang kanyang pangalan sa dyaryo ay Plaridel. was a physician, propagandist, labor leader and legislator. He succeeded Isabelo De Los Reyes as theUnion Obrera Democratica (UOD) leader.
He was also studied medicine at the University of Santo Tomas but finished his degree in Madrid, Spain. Valeriano Weyler he was a Spanish general, and Governor General of the Philippines and Cuba. Ferdinand Blumentritt Siya ay isang Europeo na etnologo at heograpo, at isa rin siyang punong-guro sa isang paaralan sa Litomerice. Isa siyang siyang matalik na kaibigan ng pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas na si Jose Rizal. Rizal Seeks Justice for His Family The Death of Jose Maria Panganiban Jose Maria Panganiban He was a Bicolano propagandist, linguist and essayist whose life was tragically cut short, an event that caused great mourning in the Filipino community in Spain. He is one of the main writer and contributor forLa Solidaridad, writing under the pen names "Jomapa" and "J.M.P." Aborted Duel with Antonio Luna He was an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine-American War. He was also the founder of the Philippines's first military academy, which existed during the First Philippine Republic.
He known as the Luna sharpshooters. Antonio Luna Nellie Boustead Siya ay isa sa mga babaeng nagkaroon ng relasyon kay Jose Rizal noong panahon siya ay nasa Biaritzz.
Inilarawan ni Rizal si Boustead bilang isang dalagang may katangian ng isang pagiging Filipina, may mataas na pinag-aralan at may magandang ugali. A Duel with Retana Wenceslao Retana Espanyol na tagapagsilbing sibil, tagapangasiwang kolonyal, manunulat, tagasulat ng talambuhay, etc. Si Retana kinilala na "dating katunggali" ni gat José Rizal at naging "tagahanga" na nagsulat ng unang talambuhay ni Rizal na pinamagatang Vida y Escritos del Dr. José Rizal o "Buhay at mga Panulat ni Dr. José Rizal". Si Retana ang nangungunang filipinolohista na hindi Pilipino. The News About the Marriage of Leobor Rivera Siya ang babaeng naging bahagi ng buhay ni Jose Rizal. Bagaman pinsang buo si Rivera ni Rizal, nagkaroon sila ng romantikong ugnayan na tumagal ng walong mga taon. Leonor Rivera Rizal's Break with Del Pilar Del Pilar was the only rival of Rizal for leadership in the reform movement. Because Del Pilar was an epitome of a modern politician, lawyer, journalist, and civic leader.
La solisaridad has to be ran as a business contrary to Rizal's idea that it should be run as patriotic venture. Rizal objected to the editorial policy of Del Pilar, as it ran counter to his political views. To prevent the break-up between the two, a meeting was held on January 1, 1891 to settle the differences between Rizal and Del Pilar and bolster the campaign for reforms.
The meeting attended by 90 Filipino in Madrid resolved to elect a Responsable. Siya ay isang Pilipinong manggagamot na naging pinuno ng Kilusang Propaganda na hinimok ang mag-rebolusyon ang Pilipinas laban sa mga Kastila. Mariano Ponce Del Pilar's possessed the qualities to succeed in politics: Cautiousness in making commitment.
Discretion in taking advantage of an opportunity.
Skillfulness in moving people into action. An Affair with Nelly Boustead Rizal succeed where Antonio Luna failed. He won the love and affection of Nellie.
The affair that blossomed between the two was not consummated for two reasons.
Rizal did not give up his Catholic faith in exchange for the love of Nellie, who was a devout Protestant
Rizal was not acceptable to Nelly's mother. Because of financial status of Rizal and the dangers Rizal was facing as an enemy of the friars. Thus, the love affair between Rizal and Nellie failed. The two, parted ways as good friends. In this city where Rizal completed his second novel, El Filibusterismo. To Paris and Brussels Once Again Rizal left Biarritz, he traveled to Paris by train. For the meantime, he stayed in the residence of his friend Valentin Ventura. Upon arriving in the city, he wrote letters to Jose Maria Basa in Hong Kong and practice ophthalmology to support himself. Petite Suzanne Jacoby Rizal met Petite Suzanne, with whom he had a love affair before. It was while Rizal was in this city that he informed the Propaganda authorities of his decision to retire from the reform movement.
He told them to stop sending him allowance every month. Consequently, he stopped contributing articles for the Soli. Chapter 16
Thank you!! Dominador Gomez
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