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quinceañera in argentina

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Rahul Das

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of quinceañera in argentina

quinceañera in argentina
By rahul Das, Kausheet, victor, and hunter

Choripan con Chimmichurri
Milanesa de Quinoa
Milanesa a la Nepolitana
The Quinceañera is a traditional celebration of life and gratitude to God on the occasion of the 15 birthday of a young Hispanic girl. This ritual gives emphasis to the passage from girl to a woman.In Argentina, it is not nearly as connected; they seldom start at the church, and it is more about the party than the deity. Meaning their tradition focuses more on the party side of the celebration.
Dress-The dress is traditionally a ball gown. It is usually a white dress (symbolizing purity) or in the Fiesta Rosa of El Salvador, the dresses are pink (to symbolize youth).
Tiara-This symbolizes a princess before God and replaces the headpiece worn at the mass.
Scepter-This is placed in her hand to symbolize her taking on more adult roles in the family and society.
Invitations/Gifts/Party Favors
The Tiara: The most integral of quinceanera gifts, it denotes that the quinceanera celebrant is a princess before God, and the triumph of overcoming childhood. It symbolizes that the celebrant is able to face adult challenges in her life. The tiara is presented with the Scepter at the Crowning Ceremony.
The Medal or Cross: These quinceanera gifts symbolize the presence of God in the quinceanera woman’s life.
The Last Doll: This quinceanera gift denotes the last toy that the Quinceanera celebrant will use, and also symbolizes the nearness of marriage.
The Ring or Bracelet: These quinceanera gifts denote the circle of lifeand the importance of cycles.
Invitations/Gifts/Party Favors
1.Entrance, which is usually accompanied by slow songs
4.First period of dancing
5.Main meal course
6.Second period of dancing
7.Dessert and video playback of the recorded birthday with her friends
8.15-candle ceremony (optional)
9.Third period of dancing
10.Toast, cake cutting, and a ritual where each female friend/relative pulls a ribbon out of a bunch. The ribbons all have charms on the ends except for one which has a ring.
11.Last period of dancing
Although the Constitution states that the federal government is Roman Catholic, it also guarantees freedom of religion for all. Argentina has many Jews and Muslims, as well as members of Russian, Greek and Syrian Orthodox churches and Protestant denominations.
At the party, there will be a replica of the statue in Salta City that represents Jesus Christ to honor and represent the Roman catholic population in Argentina (90%).
Songs used for the quinceanera are usually traditional and something the father and the daughter can easily waltz too. They also can include a couple songs of the daughter's preference.
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