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Mantella expectata (blue-legged mantella)

No description

manuel cerca limon

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Mantella expectata (blue-legged mantella)

Mantella expectata (Blue-legged Mantella)
Why is it in danger of extinction?
The other problem is deforestation. For example, when someones throws a cigarette onto a pile of dry grass, it will burn and finally the whole forest will start to burn.
Scientifc Classification
The scientific name for the blue-legged mantella is Mantella expectata, which is a frog with a yellow back, a black torax and blue legs.
Class: amphibia

We can found this frog in Madagascar, specially in the Isalo area. This area is normally wet, because in the jungle it rains a lot. We can found this specie in this area because it is where they lay their eggs.
This frog has a greenish-yellow back with dark blue hind legs and a black torax, which has a blue spot on the lower throat. Males are smaller than females and they both have the spot on the throat. Also they've a light stripe on the upper lip.
Why is it in danger of extinction?
This frog is one of the favourites pets in Madagascar and Asia, which is causing the extinction of these frogs.
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Scientific Solution
The science has done a national park of Isalo to protect the frogs, because the people do safaris around the zone and they take the frogs to manipulate them and use them.
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