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5.2 Places in the city

No description

Go English Live

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of 5.2 Places in the city

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Respuestas negativas Are there 3 clouds Let´s practice! Can you name the places in this city? The end Are there any planes? Can you answer these questions correctly? Are there any birds? Yes, there are! Is there a cloud? Yes, there is a cloud. Is there a hat? No, there isn´t! Yes, there is a plane Is there...? vs Are there...? Is there...? Vocabulary Extra Is there an airplane Bank Bakery Church Craft market Department store Cinema Fire station Car wash Gym Hair salon Hospital Hotel Jail School Dump library Museum Factory Police station Building Vocabulary Extra Airport
Bus station
Gas station
Zoo -Is there a bank in town?
-Yes, there is Are There...? We use it for plural We use it for singular -Are there any skyscrapers around this neighborhood?
No, there aren´t , but there are some downtown Town
Downtown -Is there a book on the table? -Yes, there is -Yes, there is a book on the table -Are there chocolates in the box? -Yes, there are -Yes, there are chocolates in the box Are there any pencils in the image? Yes, there is a pencil in the image Yes, there are 3 pencils in the image Yes, there are some pencils in the image Yes, there are a lot of pencils in the image A/AN: Un Número Algunos Muchos Respuestas afirmativas Plural Plural Plural Singular Are there any cars No, there are not
No there aren't any cars No there aren't
No, there aren't 3 clouds, there is 1 cloud No there isn't
No, there isn't a plane, but there is a helicopter A-An Vs Any Be careful Any A-An Plural y singular Un o una SOLO singular Let´s practice Drugstore Train station Hospital Church Bank Bakery Library Places in the city
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