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Smart/Future Houses

by Jess rudwick not Matthew Votta

jess rudwick

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Smart/Future Houses

By Jess Rudwick Future Houses Introduction: I take it you'd expect for most, if not all houses to not have changed much by the year 2020? Well, you're wrong! By the year 2020, a lot of towns and cities will have buildings that have swimming pools on their roofs and a skyscraper in your back garden! Well, not literally but you get the idea. Technology: In the near/far future, there are going to
be a lot of changes in terms of a houses
appearance and the technology inside it.
You may see houses with electronic gates
and security cameras outside already, but
imagine having a house with an auto-flush
toilet, and a toothbrush that is attatched to
the wall that brushes your teeth for you, and
the lights turn on when you clap and you have
an electronic transforming bed! That would be
amazing, wouldn't it? Conclusion: Overall, Houses in the future are going
to be absolutely fantastically amazing and have a lot to offer in terms of electrical equipment and the layout and they will advance a lot further in the further future! Design: The design of these modern day houses are really quite unique, I mean, have you viewed the photos on this prezi? They have funky floors, swimming pools, gates, solar panels, the lot! Take this one, for example. y An image of a modern-day house Smart Houses:
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