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A Trans 101 Briefer

No description

janaya khan

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of A Trans 101 Briefer

Normativity Hetero-
Sexism Cis-Sexism Trans Awareness/Activism Start 8 pixel mario holding it down.
let's get mario through this!
What is Cis-Sexism? -Combating these normative standards daily is not
light work, it involves a serious commitment to building an anti-oppression framework in your life.
Understanding the way that heteronormativity, hetorosexism and cissexism play a role in our lives is imperative. Here are some tools you can utilize or be aware of in order to combat oppression: TRANS 101 Heteronormativity- a body of lifestyle norms that maintain that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (m+w) with natural roles in life. It also holds that heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation, and that sexual and marital relations are only fitting between and man and a woman. This is the vehicle through which the agenda of the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy is maintained, as it perpetuates the hegemonic structure. What is Hetero-Normativity? What is Hetero-Sexism? Trans- 'across' or 'on the opposite side of'
Cis- 'on the same side of'

Cissexism- The positioning of cis identities as superior or more real than trans bodies/identities
-if you self-identify with the gender or sex you were assigned at birth, you access cis privilege

Cis does not refer strictly to gender performance, but gender identity- there are a wide range of cis identities, some traditional, some not, yet while cis people often experience sexism or heteroism based on their performance, their identity still privileges them over trans people Hetero-sexism- a system of attitudes, bias and discrimination in favour of opposite-sex sexuality and relationships.

This includes the presumptiont that everyone is heterosexual, or that opposite sex attractions are the only norm and therefore superior.

-Though it is understood as being anti-gay discrimination and/or prejudice by heterosexual people, people of any sexual orientation can hold such attitudes and bias. Pro-Noun Chart Being aware that there are different ways in which people self-identify, and that those should always be respected. Self-determination is a right. This is a very small example of different pro-nouns. Demonstrate A Proactive Consent Based Ethic Consent-actively and voluntarily expressed agreement, not just the absence of "no''.

-Doing personal work to consisently seek consent and respect the times that its not given helps to combat rape culture. Informed consent, sexual and otherwise, is necessary in the building of strong, healthy, anti-oppressive communities
-The following does not qualify as consent: silence, passivity and coerced acquiesence. Body movements, non language based responses, moans or laughter, or the appearance of physical arousal do not necessarily constitute consent.

How does this work with what we've been talking about?

Here's and example; when you introduce yourself to someone, give them both your name and pronoun preference. This makes all the difference. You are not assuming the person's identity, and leaving their agency intact/space for them to decide how to engage with you
Practice Trans-Activism as an Ally - learn! the trans* spectrum includes those who identify within the trans* community, and those who are genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gendervariant, andro, etc.
-there are different levels of urgency within
the trans* community, as transmisogyny is rampant inside and outside of trans* commmunities.
-using gender neutral pronouns, or teaching
in gendervariant ways is dismantling the
work of the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriachy
-check your privilege; be aware of how you occupy space. privilege isn't earned, its given.
-consider transwomyn on International Women's Day or be aware of Trans Day of Remembrance
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