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No description

dianne round

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of L'imparfait

L'imparfait Imperfect stem + Imperfect endings Imperfect stem = nous form of PRESENT minus -ons The imperfect endings are the same for all verbs. -ais
-aient The imperfect endings are as follows: jkjh m, When do I use the imperfect tense? Examples: Infinitive - parler
Present - nous parlons
Imperfect stem - parl-
Imperfect - je parlais
tu parlais
il/elle/on parlait
nous parlions
vous parliez
ils/elles parlaient acheter: nous achetons

manger: nous mangeons
je mangeais

sortir: nous sortons
je sortais

dormir: nous dormons
je dormais

voir: nous voy ons
je voyais il y a - il y avait
il neige - il neigeait
il pleut - il pleuvait Être is the only verb that is irregular. The irregular stem is êt. The endings are regular.
tu êtais
il/elle/on êtait
nous êtions
vous êtiez
ils/elles êtaient The imperfect is used to describe habitual actions and conditions that existed
in the past.
It describes what people used to do, what used to be. It is also used to describe actions that were in progress at a certain point in time. It describes what was going on, what people were doing. Expressions that use l'imparfait Quiz 2. What are the imperfect endings? 1. What is the imperfect stem? 3. When do you use the imperfect tense? 4. Are there any irregular verbs? Explain if yes. 6. She went to the pool every Saturday. 7. When I was young, I used to live in Colorado. 8. They used to study at school. 9. The weather was nice. 10. He used to forget his name. 5. You(s) were eight years old.
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