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One for growth all for growth

No description

pınar batur

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of One for growth all for growth

ONE FOR GROWTH & ALL FOR GROWTH ROI The winning team Thank
Monday Strengthen the organization The right people,
to the right place,
at the right time. » Create the growth team for
our collective growth ambition
Double in 3 years
Trible in 5 years Success is a part Nutricia culture
Recognition & appreciation Annual Award Ceremony Position Seniority

Company Seniority WHY?
WINNING CULTURE Structural recruitment
process & Onboarding Medical Test Best Region Sales Realization Market Share Project Mng WISE AWARD CATEGORIES GROUP COACHING IDP Evaluation meeting of the mixed group
after 5 sessions Start of the 2nd round
with a new mixed group Evaluation meeting
after 5 sessions Group coaching
once a month To enhance direct/open communication
Team Building Objectives Gestalt Approach
Creative Exercises
Systems Approach
Conflict & Resolution Techniques Method Process to encourage and support the effectiveness of individuals and teams in organizations Group Coaching IDP Trust building 1-1 COACHING After every 3 months
improvement meetings 4th / 5th session;
feedback session based
on the 360˚ survey reports & improvement 360˚Survey
CODE based(SHL) 3rd session
agreement on development areas Coaching
twice a month Continuous coaching
sessions Assessment report for
each RSM from
the external coach IDP Feedback session
with external coach 2 days in-house
training FIELD COACHING 1 day field visit with the
the coach Evaluation meeting based on report with HRD & SD Phase 3 Phase 1 Excellence in Communication Powerful
empowered & open
team Defining Corporate
Culture, Values &
Resources Winning Culture Defining Corporate Culture, Values & Resources 26 22 112 Denison Culture Survey
All Focus Groups
N-1&N-2 CODI&N-1&N-2 Face-Face In-Depth
Interviews Phase 2 TGIM Field visit coaching form
based on Succeed 12 days field visit with
representative once
a month feedback
culture Celebrations Increase in DPS Score

Learning 64 to 78
Development 52 to 64 Increase of TGR – from 47 to 51 Increase in retention ratio from 67 to 98 Proximity with families Award Ceremony
55 pictures
12 awards Children Painting Contest
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