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Time Travel; Middle Ages

No description

Sarah Singer

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Time Travel; Middle Ages

By; The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Queens Reason 1 Reason 2 All of the people in the kingdom had access to doctors, surgeon, and apothecaries (people who provide medicines and drugs). Reason 4 The chances are very likely that you would have been in the peasant class, but that does not mean you would have lead a horrible life. Even the peasants had filling meals, and were able to get jobs that provided for them. The royalty and workers who lived at the castles wore finer clothes and ate grander meals than the others. Architecture of the castles Doctors/Daily life The parish church was the center of religious life. The christian church was divided in to several different parts, and the parish was one of these. Religion was also very important to the people of the middle ages. The king and queen had the highest ranking in the kingdom, then the nobles followed shortly after. After them, the knights class, and last but not least was the peasant class. The biggest class of them all Time Travel; Medieval Ages Castles We should travel back to the middle ages because..... Of course we would travel back! Who wouldn't want to wear silk fine clothes, and eat great divine meals? The architecture of the castles were very exquisite. Every part served a special purpose. We would go back to the middle ages to learn how the utilized every part of the castle, and maybe even learn some techniques they used to improve our architecture. Reason 3 If you were to sadly fall sick, their would always be someone around to take care of you, and sell you medicine. Parish Church In the middle ages there was a lot of religious freedom, and it was a great place to just worship and have some peace and quiet. Reason 5 Feudalism Reason 5 (cont.) Reason 6 Knights The knights protected the king, queen , and entire kingdom. They were among the higher classes. Noble boys would start their training at the young age of 7. If we traveled back, we would be able to watch all the competitions the knights were in, and it would be a great experience because there really isn't anything like it anymore. Reason 7 Armour The knights wore big medal suits of armor to protect all parts of their body. These suit were practically indestructible. If you traveled back to the middle ages, and you were to be a knight, you would wear one of these suits of armour to protect yourself. Knight rarely had to participate in a war, so you could just enjoy the life of being in the higher classes without many worries. Reason 8 Market The market is where everyone goes to go get supplies/food they will need. It is basically just like a supermarket where you can buy or trade. Reason 9 Fools The castle had entertainers who were referred to as fools. They would do this by telling jokes, or make funny sounds out of their hollowed out cow horns. They wore bright mocking clothes. You might have though it would be boring to live in a castle, but you would be wrong. As you can see from the research above they had people to call upon to entertain. if you were a fool, you were most likely to be a peasant, but you would still get to enjoy the life of living in a castle Reason 10 Religion in conflict One of the many conflicts were how in 200 B.C the Asian and European empires were falling. It all started when the Nomads tries to attack. They could at first keep them out by using the Great Wall of China or the Hadrian Wall, but this soon became to expensive and the peasants who were getting greatly taxed rebelled. If we were to go back to the middle ages, we could learn what mistakes they had made, and try to improve our own society. In the middle ages, they still have a everyday place to get goods that they need to survive or trade goods to make money. Plus if we went back, we could probably get some groceries a lot cheaper! Sruthi, Sarah, and Manasi
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