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We Create Change

Free the Children

Aleena Ahmed

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of We Create Change

Transparency 650+ schools and school rooms built 1,000,000 people with clean water, health care and sanitation Overview Use of Funds marketability 55,000 children with education every day Marketability Delivered over 207,500 school and health kits to students around the world Goal 1- Build domestic programs to engage children in developed world to become global citizens Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner that believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as believers of change. Goal 2- Support children in developing world to have opportunity of education and defeat cycle of poverty Sense of Urgency Education Build schools
Provides everything
Highest investment 46.3% of the budget goes to their domestic programming Clean water and Sanitation 43.6% of fund spent on international development programs 10.1% of funds spent on non-project related costs associated with management of organization Provides clean water sources
Building latrines in schools
Improving practices - basic sanitation Health basic medical supplies
health care awareness shops
sports equipment Alternative income and Livelihood Statistics Significant Impact Goal: One local, one global, lasting impact targeted to groups of women
breeding animals
financial literacy 45+ countries with programming and building projects.
30,000 women with economic self-sufficiency.
650+ schools and school rooms built
55,000 children with education every day
$16,000,000+ worth of medical supplies around the world Agriculture and Food Security Facts Change 2009:
160,000 attendees a We Day experience improving soil fertility
improving seed quality for farms
ensure long- term stability Adopt a Village 2013:
278,000 attendees a We Day experience 2009:
1000 of youth with quality programming 2013:
2,000,000 of youth with quality programming The free the children organization is very transparent. They are:
Easy to navigate
Easy to contact
Up to date
Open We day
Social networking
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