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9/11 Do We Have All The Answers?

By Jared Court

Alysha Engle

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of 9/11 Do We Have All The Answers?

The 11 Year Anniversary of

Has Come and Gone...

But is it over?
Do we have all the answers?
Many people believe that they aren't being told the whole truth about 9/11
Why is this?
You may be thinking, "Well yeah, but those other buildings weren't hit by planes first."
This interview is with Frank DeMartini, Manager of the WTC Construction and Project Management... who died on 9/11.
This interview was done BEFORE 9/11
Or maybe it's because there are many unanswered questions...
This is the official reasoning for the collapse:
The Pancake Theory
The fires softened the steel enough for the floors to break away and collapse on top of each other.
Are they insane, paranoid idiots that are against America?
This is the Mandarin Hotel in Beijing.
The melting point of steel is roughly
2,800 F
The open-air burning temperature of jet fuel is about
600 F
...No where near what it takes to even
So how could fire have possibly caused the collapse?
So if fire didn't destroy the buildings, what did?
In 2009 this 520 ft tall skyscraper caught fire and was completely engulfed in 20 min.
It burned for 3 hours straight
...And it did NOT collapse
This is the Caracas Tower in Venezuela
In 2004, it caught fire and spread to over
floors and burned for
Compare the fires at these skyscrapers with the fires at the WTC
This is the One Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia
In 1991 this fire gutted 8 floors and burned for 18 hours. It was described by officials as the most significant fire of the 20th century.
Guess what
No part of the building collapsed
This is World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7
WTC 1 burns for 1 hr 42 minutes
WTC 2 burns for 56 minutes
WTC 7 burns for approx. 8 hrs. with very small fires
Now who could have possibly been able to plant enough bombs in the WTC buildings for a demolition?
Not the terrorists
How would they get hundreds of bombs past security AND be able to put them on all the supports?
What you don't know is that bomb-sniffing dogs and other heightened security features at the WTC were dropped in the days before 9/11
You also don't know that there were extensive renovations as well as "rewiring" for the internet at the WTC in the year before 9/11
Ask yourself,
Who could have pulled all this off?
This is all just the very TIP of the iceberg on the 9/11 conspiracy.
There's still the molten steel, no scrambled jets, the terrorists' poor flight skill (according to their instructors), sightings of hijackers after 9/11, the fake Osama confession, evidence of thermite, lack of plane at Pentagon, hole too small at Pentagon for a plane, lack of plane at Shanksville, the scandal of trillions of missing dollars, the incomplete Commission Report, warnings, war games, the Patriot Act, and SO much more!
Investigate 9/11

This is a
controlled demolition
, also known as an implosion
This small
And why would they fly planes into the Towers if they had bombs in place anyway?
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