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Number The Stars

No description

Odalys Ramirez

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Number The Stars

Number The Stars
Setting (Time)
Main Characters
Jewish people were being killed because Adolf Hitler had taken over and did not approve of jewish people therefore causing Anniemarie's Best friend Ellen to be in danger.
by:Lois Lowry
Prezi By: Odalys Ramirez
Annemarie Johansen
Mrs. Johansen
Peter Nielsen
Ellen Rosen
Other Chacaters
Kirsten Johansen
Mr. Johansen
Lise Johansen
The Rosens
Mrs. Hirsch
Great-aunt Birte
World War II, from September 1943 to May 1945
Setting (Place)
Copenhagen, Denmark, and Gilleleje, Denmark
Ellen had pretended to be Anniemarie's sister so the Nazis would not kill her.
The difficulty of growing up
Ellen and the others escape as Annemarie races against time and bad odds to her uncle's boat to deliver the crucial important packet
Number The Stars is written is award winning author Lois Lowry. It is about Anniemarie in her race against time to save her best friend Ellen from the Nazis.
The Reason Anniemarie wants to save Ellen is Because Ellen is a jew and the Nazis' leader Adolf Hitler thinks Jews are not true Germans and should be killed.
As chaos begins to happen Anniemarie and Her Family come up with a plan to help Ellen. Ellen pretends to be Anniemarie's sister for the time being then, Ellen's uncle Henry comes up with a plan to reunite her and her family.
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