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No description

다연 이

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Eclipse


Good things
1) Phone-tablet

2) Also good for game, watching, writing.

3) It is very developed

4) Made of special materials which are metal and glass.

1) All over the world

2) April.17. 2016

3) Preview of the device in U.S.A-New York

4) Price 400 dollars
20 Megapixel Camera
5.0 inch Screen
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Unfold into tablet
4gb RAM
Speed dragon, CPU 2.5
5000 mAh battery
500 grams
Micro SD card; up to 128gb; up to 4K video
Colors; Mint, White, Black
By- Raman, Da Yeon, Ondra
Our company is Big Company Ltd. And we have a new invention/ electronic for teenagers. Which is 'Eclipse', it is a new phone that can be even tablet.
PRICE: $400

1)Revolutionary product

2)400 dollars

3)Phone that can unfold into a tablet

4)Top of the class specs

5)First product like this on the market

For teenagers, it can help them with studying or with working.

When they need to do quick things.

If they need something to find, they can use this product anywhere.
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