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Diagramming Sentences

No description

Elizabeth Muire

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Diagramming Sentences

Visualizing how sentences work Diagramming Sentences Start With a line and a sentence Now try this... Find the SUBJECT Adjectives Modifiers and Descriptors Questions Questions and Compounds Compound Sentences Complex Sentences When the train goes through, the windows rattle noisily and the whole house shakes. and VERB I ran I ran The red car stalled. car stalled The red Adverbs The car stalled suddenly. car stalled suddenly The Direct Objects and Predicate Nouns and Adjectives Direct Object I threw the ball. I threw ball the Predicate Noun I am a teacher. I am teacher a Predicate Adjective I am hungry. I am hungry Compounds Where are you going? you are going Where Bob, Tom, and Horatio cooked breakfast and ate it. Bob Tom Horatio and May we go now? we may go now Prepositional Phrases I worked in the garden by the river. I worked in the garden by the river Angelica runs and John plays golf. Angelica runs and John plays golf Complex Sentences We entered the theater where Lincoln was shot. We entered theater the where Lincoln was shot cooked ate breakfast it
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