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el dia del Maestro Simon Silva

No description

Logan Smothers

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of el dia del Maestro Simon Silva

what is the actual painting a representation of
they are coming from the school's library the got new books from the school
Simon silva was born on 1961 and was born in Mexicali,Mexico. He spent most of his life helping his parents with farming. He was one of eleven children. He came to the United States as a emigrate student and he settled in the little town of Holtville. He painted paintings about his cultural life like working on the farm and helping his family survive.
When his painting was painted and why?
He published the painting in 1990. He painted the painting because of his life experiences and his hispanic culture.
Where is the painting located?
The painting is currently owned by Simon Silva, the artist.
el dia del Maestro Simon Silva

About Simon Silva
25 words that describe the painting
Sol,lebro,azul,verde,rojo,nina,asombroso,la piramide,el lapiz,colores brillantes,educacion,escalon el peldano,estudiante,pelo del color,
comes,nino,ojos,boca,la luz del sol,piel oscaro,la gente,la vella,so
Chicano Culture
In the culture they value knowledge and the books that is in the painting contains knowledge and they value that. They also value nature.
What is " El dia del maestro?"
El dia del maestro is a holiday. It celebrates teachers and how they teach knowledge to students and also adults. The holiday is on May 15.
Simon Silva
El dia del maestro
The painting
By: Logan,Brady M,Tanner,Hayes
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