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Robert Munsch

History Assignment for Mr. MacRae

Emily M

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Robert Munsch

By: Emily Meddick Robert Munsch Who Is He? Robert Norman Munsch is a very famous Canadian children's
book author. How The Author Came To Be He was born June 11th, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
He grew up in a family of 9 kids, so as you can imagine their house was always busy. In school he was never the brightest. He struggled all the way through until he graduated high school. For whatever reason he decided one day that he wanted to be a priest and studied for 7 years. Whenever he wasn't studying though he would volunteer
at orphanages. It was
there that he learned
just how much he
loved kids. So he gave up on being a priest and started working in a daycare for a year until he figured out what he wanted to do. Then he realized... that this is what he wanted to do! So he began taking courses for children's education at
Taft's University in
Medford, Massachusetts.
It was there that he made up his first story later to be called "Mortimer". It wasn't until 12 years later though that it actually became a book. For the next 10 years he made up and told stories to
the kids at the
daycare without
thinking much of it.
During this time he met his wife Ann. Unfortunately the daycare was falling on hard times and Rob and his wife were now out of work. So they decided to test the waters in Canada and moved to Guelph, Ontario. Him and his wife actually ended up working at the same preschool at the University of Guelph. There he continued to tell his made up stories. One day his bosses wife who was a children's librarian told him to publish and after plenty of nagging he finally did. Before now he had never even written down his stories but he ended up sending 10 books to 10 different publishers but only one was accepted, "Mud Puddle".

The book sold 3000 copies in just the first year. At this point he decided to become a Canadian citizen as well as a full time author. What He Does Now (yes, he is still alive!) Today he travels through the USA and Canada reading to children and coming up with new ideas for books. A lot of his books come from some of the kids he meets along the way. His book "Love You Forever" is definitely his best seller! He has sold over 18'000'000 copies!
For several years he has been the best selling children's book author in Canada but when "Love You Forever" came out it broke the records in the US as well. He has now published 54 books! Most people don't know this but "Love You Forever" originally started out as just a song. In the book part of it is still there but it seems that everyone has a different way of singing it. Which Book is Which? For this interactive activity I am going to show a small line from one of his books and your going to have to guess which book it is from. "Go away. I love to eat princesses, but I have already eaten a whole castle today. I am a very busy dragon. Come back tomorrow." #1 Is it... -A Promise is a Promise
-More Pies -Paper Bag Princess #2 "They came back in an hour and knocked on the door: blam, blam, blam, blam, blam." Is it... -Alligator Baby
-Purple, Green and Yellow
-A Promise is a Promise #3 "I didn't get into any trouble and
I need some new colouring markers. All my friends have them." Is it.. -Purple, Green and Yellow
-Thomas' Snowsuit
-Love You Forever #4 "ICE CREAM! COOKIES! CHOCOLATE BARS! OR GINGER ALE!" IS IT... -The Sandcastle Contest
-No Clean Clothes
-Something Good #5 "Chuka- chuka- chuka- chuka- chuka- chuka- CHOMP!" Is it... -I HAVE TO GO!
-Sandcastle Contest
-More Pies! #6 "Sometimes I think you feed your underwear to the dog!" Is it... -A Promise is a Promise
-No Clean Clothes
-I HAVE TO GO! #7 "That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life." Is it... -Thomas' Snowsuit
-The Sandcastle Contest
-Love You Forever #8 "she opened the door to his room, crawled across the floor, looked up over the side of his bed" Is it... -Mortimer
-A Promise is a Promise
-Love You Forever #9 "Clang, clang, rattle-bing-bang" Is it... -A Promise is a Promise
-Mortimer #10 "You can win a bathtub full of ice cream." Is it... -I HAVE TO GO!
-Sandcastle Contest
-Mortimer Thank You For Watching! Works Cited robertmunsch.com en.wikipedia.org scholastic.ca youtube.com civilization.ca
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