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Sound Waves

A fun and interactive look at sound waves

Nadia Sinno

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Sound Waves

But what is a sound? Energy- moves in waves So what IS a sound wave? Solid- ask students for examples
three dimensional shape
cannot see through it
does not change size or shape unless you manipulate it so)
(rock, wood, plastic) Liquid Juice, Water, Milk Sound Waves Have your students draw soundwaves have students make a list of sounds Fulfills 3rd grade standards: 1.d
*need to talk about matter prior to presentation
What is matter?
solid liquid gas
makes up "everything"

too small to see with your eyes Hz or Hertz too small to see with the naked eye Causes molecules to vibrate longitudinal wave Inch worm waves move in same direction of travel Gas takes shape of container fills container
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