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Facetime Pros and Cons

No description

Christine Ho

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Facetime Pros and Cons

Facetime What is Facetime? Facetime is an application that was created by Apple. It allows people to connect with other people. For example, friends and family. Pros Cons Chat rooms create risky behavior
People can reach each other instantly
Needs internet in order to work
Uses a large amount of data
Consumers will need to increase their data plans in order to use Facetime Adds nonverbal communication
Video calling for family and friends and business
Long distant video conferences
Affordable way to communicate with people that live far away
Has a larger base compared to Skype Facetime is a very convenient and useful.
It helps deaf people communicate and businesses can provide a better service for their customers.
It is also very safe application to use and allows people to see each others emotions. However, it may put stress on some people and make it inconvenient for them. Thank You
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