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No description

Sophie Pauls

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Persephone

How Persephone came to be queen of the underworld AND goddess of spring growth
Persephone is queen of the underworld and goddess of spring growth.
She is married to Hades, who is king of the underworld. They did not have any children, but Persephone was said to have one with her father Zeus.
Persephones Responsibilities
Persephone had many powers; the typical ones that come with being a goddess, as well as some unusual mystical powers.
Persephone's main weakness was being irrestibly pretty. If she had not been so pretty, Hades would not have kidnapped her.
Persephone was a greek god, who was youthful and pretty, and ruled two very different environments.
Her parents are Demeter and Zeus. They were never married, as her parents were siblings. Zeus remarried and lived a seperate life, meanwhile Demeter and Persephone grew to have a very close relationship.
Persephone has one brother; Dionysus, and many half siblings. She did not get to know her siblings very well though.
Roles in the underworld:
Lead lost souls to the underworld
Keep everything running smoothly
Roles on Earth:
Return each spring so flowers and crops can grow.
Cure sick and dying plants
Typical Goddess
Superhuman strength
Long life
Cannot get injured
Super fast & long endurance
Mystical Powers
Ability to cross dimensions
Cure the sick
Bring the dead back to life
Grow flowers and plants in seconds.
Another weakness was her sensitivity. She became depressed every time a soul entered the underworld.
One more weakness is her self control. If she had not eaten the pomegranate seeds and continued to fast she would not have had to return to the underworld each year.
Interesting Facts
Persephone was called Kore; meaning young maiden, up until she was kidnapped by Hades.
Persephones parents were brother and sister, as were her grandparents. Persephone did not continue this tradition, except did have a child with Zeus her father.
Persephone eventually did love Hades, and did not mind spending time in the underworld with him.
Persephone was said to have over 100 half siblings
Persephone's Symbols
One of Persephone's well known symbol is pomegranate seeds. She is also seen with flowers in one hand.
A movie I can relate Persephone to is Beauty and the Beast. This movie is about a young girl who gets put in prison by her captor but spends time with him and they fall in love. They get married and Beauty is allowed to visit her father again. This is very similar to Persephone's story.
-Persephone was in a meadow
-Hades kidnapped her and brought her to the underworld
-Zeus gave him permissions
-They got married
-Persephone wanted to go home
-Her mom missed her as well
-Zeus arranged for mother and daughter to be reunited
-Persephone had eaten four pomegranate seeds
-Rule: Anyone who eats in the underworld must stay there for eternity
-Hades and Zeus came to an agreement she would spend 4 moths in the underworld and 8 months on earth.
-When she returns in Spring the flowers bloom.
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