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The Driving Question

No description

brittanie schaefer

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of The Driving Question

The Driving Question How can we as a society, reduce serious bodily injury and/or fatal traffic crashes that are associated with vehicle's operators' using the latest types of communication and ther electronic devices?
Data out of 70 surveys Interviews We did interviews and Brittanie gave them both. Mitch Wyland What were you driving? Where did it happen? What caused the wreck? 08' silverado Dan Jones Road near the Lowe's I hit a car from behind while trying to hook up my phone to the charger. Sam Petrovich When did the accident take place? about a month ago Where did it take place? What were you driving? What happened in the wreck? Speedway high school parking lot. '92 Chevy lumina I was texting and I rear ended a woman driving a Jeep Cherokee. (D.U.I.E- driving under influence of electronics)
who use cellular phones while driving have an 18% percent slower reaction time
12% greater following diance
17% longer to reciver from lost speed associated with braking The Laws Solution We have three things you have to do... 1. You will be made to take a manditory class before getting your license
2. Within this class you well be taking the control/texting Test
3. In ALL cell phones there will be added the textecution program Textecution- A simplified explanation of how textecution works is once it's installed textecution sits quietly in the background and allows you to use your phone as you normally would. Once textecution recognizes that the phone is traveling faster than 10mph textecution disables the phones texting feature so text messages cannot be sent or received. Once the phone is at rest, or traveling at a speed lower than 10mph, the texting feature seamlessly becomes available for use and text messages may be sent or received.
What was the ending result of the accident? What was the ending result of the accident? Do you still text and drive? Do you still mess with your phone and drive? the car got a little dented yes, all the time 4,000 dollars worth of damage yes, but not all the time
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