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Ergonomics Poster Assignment

No description

Kevin Widjaja

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Ergonomics Poster Assignment

Ergomaniac Company Our company cares about everyone.
Not just employers, and companies,
but the workers too.
We are ergomaniacs. Ergonomics is studying
about how a workplace and equipment used there
can be designed for
people's well being. We make sure that your workplace is as comfortable, efficient, safe, and as productive as it can be. We find out how you can
stay healthy and happy
at work. We make
your workplace
comfortable to
maximize your
productivity. We help to prevent injuries that you may get from using the
same equipment
the wrong way
everyday. Mouse You don't want your chair to be very tall. You want to be able to see the monitor by having your head straight, with your eyes looking slightly down. Ergonomic
Items Chair Keyboard Desk Monitor and Monitor Arms Keyboard Tray Footrest Document Holder/
Notebook Stand We're here to help you
be as efficient, safe, and happy as you can be at work. Your chair should help you maintain good posture, keeping your back straight. An ergonomic, properly used chair will always keep your back straight and your blood circulation in your arm healthy. This is a chair that we would advise you to buy. It is adjustable and keeps your back straight, and is very stable.

You can buy this chair for
$239.99 at Staples® or on the link below. http://www.staples.com/BI263825/cat_BI263825?ddkey=http:StaplesZipCodeAdd The top of the screen on the monitor should be at or slightly below eye level, so when you are on the computer, you should just be looking downwards, with your head completely straight. When using the computer, the monitor should be about an arm's length away (Shouldn't be closer than 50 cm). The larger the screen you have, the further away you should be. When using the computer, try to adjust your screen so the glare doesn't get into your eyes. The common problem when following these tips is that when you are using a laptop, you won't be able to reach your keypad. We advise you to buy an external keyboard that you can just plug in to your laptop. If you are using a desktop,
you can buy an adjustable monitor arm to hold the monitor where you want. We advise you to buy this adjustable monitor arm.
It has a strong base, so the monitor won't fall.
This holds monitors that weigh up to 17.6 lbs,
and at just $160.49, it's cheaper than most
monitor arms that are not on sale.

It can be bought at Global Industrial®, or in the link below http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/office/monitor-tv-mounts/desktop-stands-and-arms/dt-adj-mnt-mnt-cnr-table-grey-27l-27w-27h?utm_source=google_pr&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Flat-Panel-Desktop-Stands-Arms-google_pr&infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CP6vnYqV1LICFYQ7Mgodqh0AVA The keyboard should be in line with your elbows.
When typing, your elbows and forearms should be straight
and naturally extended. Monitors that are placed
too low or too close
can lead to many different injuries to your eyes and neck. If you are have a laptop,
you should buy an external keyboard, so your monitor can stay in line with your head,
while the keyboard is in line
with your elbows. Ergonomic
keyboards have a
wrist rest (seen in picture later), which allows your shoulders and wrists to be in a comfortable and relaxed position. Keyboards placed too
high, will increase the
chance for injuries
to your arms and wrists. This is what we would recommend to you. This keyboard is on the cheap side compared to most ergonomic keyboard you can find at $41.99. This can be bought at Newegg® or found online in the link below. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823109100CVF&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwordsCA&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwordsCA-_-pla-_-NA-_-NA If you can't reach the
floor, footrests should
be used to relieve
pressure on the
lower back and thighs. When using a computer,
you feet should
be flat on the ground,
with your knees making
a 90 degree angle. You should get
a footrest that is
adjustable in height
and angle, so
everyone can
use it. This is the footrest that we recommend. Its height
and angle are adjustable, and this too, is cheap
compared to others at $48.95.
This can be found at Ergo in Demand®, or on the
link below. http://www.ergoindemand.com/adjustable-ergonomic-foot-rest.html Your desk has to be big enough to fit
all of your work, books, papers, binders, etc. You have to be comfortable with your desk. You have to feel good working on it. Light-coloured surfaces
as well as matte desks
help to reduce glare. Your desk should have enough room underneath for your feet and footrest. There should not be a mess under there. Also, if you decide
not to buy a
height-adjustable chair,
you should really consider buying a desk that is
height-adjustable. This is the desk that we would recommend. There is plenty of space on and underneath the desk.
There are drawers to store your files and have round edges. Like all desks, these ones are pricy at over $600.49.

These can be found at Toronto Office Furniture®
Inc. You can read more on the website below. The desks should have
round edges to reduce the
chance of injury. http://www.torontoofficefurniture.com/tayco-metropolis-desk/ Many view keyboard pads as one of the most important ergonomic equipment. Keypads help elbows and wrists, making sure that they're in a good, comfortable position (height). keypads make it less likely that you have to hunch your shoulders, or move your
wrists as much. When buying a keyboard tray,
make sure you try it out first.
Make sure it doesn't get in the way with
your chair, or your desk. Check if you have
enough room for the tray.

If it doesn't feel right, don't buy it.
Without a proper keyboard tray,
your hands will be in a bad position,
and uncomfortable. You have to
buy a tray that you feel
is natural. Get a keyboard tray that is
adjustable in height.
It needs to meet your needs,
like your arm length, and chair height.
Plus, if you move your
chair around, it needs to
be able to adapt. This is the keyboard tray that we recommend.
At $28.95, this is very cheap. Its height is adjustable, with a mouse tray on the right or left of the keyboard tray. This can be found at Global Industrial®, or on the link below. http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/office/computer-furniture/keyboard-platforms/keyboard-drawer-with-retractable-mouse-station-black-silver?utm_source=google_pr&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Keyboard-Platforms-google_pr&infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CM_S67rK1LICFQVgMgodKBkAYQ The type of
mouse you buy should
be based on what you like.
It has to fit your hand,
and the way you work. Your mouse should be placed
below your elbow. Your wrist should be naturally extended, with your arm slanted a bit downwards. Your wrist cannot be pointed upwards or you will eventually get injured. Make sure your mouse isn't
too slippery, but doesn't have too much friction. If you have trouble controlling your mouse, you will get frustrated. There are plenty of mice
to choose from,
so if you don't feel good with one,
go on to the next.
The key word is natural.
If you don't feel natural
working with your mouse,
you should get a new one. A mouse is really
something that is hard for us to
recommend to you because it's mostly
just what you like, and your personal needs.
This 3M ergonomic mouse, is one of the newest versions. It's pricy at $78.91, but many agree that it is very comfortable. This can be bought at Staples® or on
their website on the link below. Notebook holders are
very useful for people who
need to read off a notebook often
while working on a computer.
The notebook would be right where you want it, in a comfortable view and angle.
They can keep your desks a lot neater.
Instead of keeping papers on the desk,
you can keep it on the stand.
They are very convenient. Book holders keep you from
having to always look around
and turn when copying
something down. They limit the amount of twisting and turning
you have to do, and reduces the
chance of injuring your
back and neck. Notebook stands have to
be adjustable in height and
angle. It has to be able to adapt to your needs, preferences, and liking. We recommend this document holder because this is very versatile. You barely have to move your head to see it because its height and angle are adjustable. It holds heavy books, and its elastics keep the books in place. While pricy at $83.49, we think it's a good deal because it's ergonomically perfect. You can buy this at Ergodirect® or at the link below. http://www.ergodirect.com/product_info.php?products_id=14233 Reflex Sympathetic
Dystrophy (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Stress Injuries That You Can Get,
Caused by Using a Computer Incorrectly Epicondylitis Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is an unbearable (burning) disorder, often including the human skin, nerves, blood vessels, and bones.
There is a lot of swelling in the body parts listed as well as loss of muscle control. Doctors don't know the exact
reason what causes this. Many events
can trigger an RSD, such as a previous injury, surgery, heart disease, stroke or other brain diseases, nerve problems (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), shoulder problems, trauma (often minor) or spinal cord disorders. If you use a computer at
work, and don't properly use your
equipment, you can easily
get this condition. There are many
symptoms for RSD. There is a
lot of pain, often characterized
as burning. There is a lot of swelling and
stiffness in the affected areas. Because there is no specific reason for RSD,
doctors haven't found a cure for it yet.
The only things that can be treated are
the symptoms, and that is only if you get
it diagnosed early. This is often called
a tennis elbow. This is a condition when the elbow turns sore. You don't have to be a tennis player to get this condition. If you are constantly using your elbow,
putting it in the wrong positions, you can get this condition. This injury comes from overuse of the elbow, arm, or forearm muscles. Tennis elbow is caused by an injury to a muscle and tendon area around the outer part of the elbow. Pain will reduce over time if you rest your elbow, avoid doing any activities with it and apply ice to it. Ganglion
Cyst Ganglion Cyst is a swelling that is usually found growing on joints in your hand or foot. It is most often found near fingers and wrists. It usually affects women, ages 20-40

There could be one big cyst (unusual bump), or many small cysts. The cause of Ganglion Cyst is not known. One theory is that too much stress will cause some tissues in your body to break down, which form small cysts. Those cysts combine with other one to make one giant cyst. If you are overly stressed at work, you can get this condition. There is usually non-stop pain and aching.
You often don't need to seek medical care unless it causes you a lot of stress.
About half the time,
the cysts just disappear on their own without any treatment. Tendonitis Tendons are the tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. Tendinitis is when those tendons tear apart or start swelling. Movement will become painful. The reason for
tendonitis is that some tendons in our body have poor blood supply from bad circulation and overuse. It leads to tissue damage and is prone to injury. Tendinitis often occurs from overuse. If a tissue is used over and over again, it will break down.
If you are in uncomfortable positions at work daily, or overuse a part of your body, you can get this condition. To heal the tissues, you just have to rest it, and apply ice to it. It will heal over time. These are example of some proper positioning of equipment. ouse pad use pad Mouse pad Websites used http://www.ergotron.com/tabid/301/default.aspx
http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/sportsmedicine/a/tendonitis.htm Like we said before, the key word is natural. All your equipment has to feel natural.Having a workplace that is ergonomically correct, can result in a healthy, stress-free, happy, and very productive work life. When typing, your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle. You shouldn't have to be raising your arms or reaching
down to type. Chairs should be no less than 37.5 cm and no more than 52.5 cm tall. The best chair you can get is an
adjustable one.
One that can bend back as much as you want,
and the height can be adjusted. Of course, the most important thing of a chair is that it has to be comfortable.
You should feel good while
sitting on your chair. With an ergonomically correct chair,
when you get older,
the chances of injuring your
arm or back will decrease. This also keeps your hand in the same position most of the time, and allows all
your fingers to make extensions
and flex which reduces the
chance for future
injuries. http://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?webid=884456&CatIds=65%2C69%2C3257%2C3898&AffixedCode=WW&=&=&= A- Mouse and Mouse pad
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