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Jennifer Brown

on 23 February 2013

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Trevor Gillespie My Past,
Present &
Future My Life Now How I Want My
IN MY LIFE My Early Years Mom
My Sister Emma
My Twin Sister Courtney
Volunteer Janet I go to Transitions every day and attend the
following classes:

Mondays - Grocery Essentials & L.A.S.O.

Tuesdays - Operation Sharing & Milestones

Wednesdays - On Your Own & Horticulture Club

Thursdays - Friendship Cafe & Outdoor Education

Fridays - Friendship Cafe & Cooking 101 I moved to Street in
December 2012.
I love my new home. My Family
Friendship Club
Shania Twain
Will & Grace
Glee I like to help people. 1) I want to increase my independence by doing my own banking, grocery shopping and keeping my medications in my room.

2) I want to join the "Y".

3) I want to continue working at Southside Concession Stand (May to October).

4) I love my horticulture class and would enjoy being involved in a club or another class like it. TO FLY TO LAS VEGAS TO SEE
SHANIA TWAIN IN CONCERT!! 1) Research the internet to gather information.

2) Go to a travel agent to determine cost.

3) Make a plan to start saving money. Me and my volunteer Janet (under construction) TALENTS MY GIFT TO THE WORLD I'm very friendly and outgoing. I'm very independent. MY STRENGTHS shania Twain I have an awesome memory. 'than 'Tha "That Don't Impress Me Much" "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" A SPECIAL POEM ALL ABOUT ME More people love you than fish in the sea,
Mommy, Gerry, Courtney & Emma,
Daddy, Flow, Aunts, Uncles and cousins galore.
Grandmas and Grandpas of which there are four.
People at Church, friends at school too,
And can't forget Carol, she's there for you too.
Teachers just love him, that's easy to see.
But he's occasionally reminded to M.Y.O.B.

Go with him anywhere,
People call him by name.
He says hi to everyone,
That's our Trevor James.

Go to a parade with him.
Everyone yelling Hi!
He's more popular than Santa.
And that's not a lie. He loves to go bowling, play ball and go walking.
And on the phone he's constantly talking.
He asks me each evening how Aunt Eleanore's doing.
And just where tomorrow I think I'll be going.
What did you do today, grandma he asks,
And what did you have for supper.
Pigs feet and cabbage I always reply.
You silly goose grandma, I'm saying goodbye.

He's in love with Shania,
She of great fame.
If he met her in person.
He'd call her by name.
He knew she was pregnant,
It was hush, hush and tut, tut,
But I swear Trevor knew even before Mutt.

He's a grown man now and working at ARC.
He won't say what he does there, so we're all in the dark.
He also works at the recycling plant,
And comes home with stinky sweaters and pants. ODE TO TREVOR He's tall, dark and handsome.
At least 6 foot 2,
With big feet to match.
In a size 13 shoe.

You have a twin sister Courtney by name.
She'll be with you always, been there before birth,
But you'll always be older,
'Cause you were born first.

He goes through more shoes than anyone I could mention,
And changes his shirt at least 6 times a day.
Sometimes with mom that causes great tension,
The laundry's half his, what else can I say. God chose you himself to be part of our lives,
To entrust you to us, only he could decide.
Trevor you're like sunshine and roses,
Or a jewel in a crown.
No greater love for you,
Couldn't be found.

What would a son be if it weren't for his mom.
And surely God chose yours for you.
More loving and patient, they surely don't come.
Vicki's her name, but she's really "Saint Mom". Mom and Gerry My Twin Sister Courtney PETS Lacey and Bailey Old St. Paul's Anglican Church Trevor the Altar Boy MY SCHOOLS My Weekly Schedule Written By: Grandma Sales My Family at the 'Relay for Life' Shania Twain My Sister Emma Grandma Northdale P.S.
Eastdale P.S.
Algonquin P.S.
C.A.S.S. (all finished) My Room Club Something I'm Proud Of 'Special Olympics' Bowling Team I'm a good bowler. I enjoy working on the computer. I have a close relationship with my family. I'm very active in my community. I love horticulture and learning how to care for plants. I'm very spiritual and am a 'server' at my church. Helping and serving others.
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