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Holes by Louis Sachar

No description

Jessie Burden

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar
Welcome to Camp Green Lake!
Chapter 1
What was Camp Green Lake like 100 years ago? What is it like today?
What is the town of Camp Green Lake like?
What is the rule to remember about snakes and scorpions?
What's the worst thing to be bitten by?
Chapter 2
Who goes to Camp Green Lake?

What do they do there?

Was Stanley Yelnats made to go to Camp Green Lake?

Chapter 3
What does Stanley look like?
Why did Stanley's great-great-grandfather have a curse on him?
What is unusual about Stanley's name?
Chapter 4
Why did Mr. Sir eat sunflower seeds?

How many sets of clothing is Stanley given and what color are they?

Why don't they need fences to keep the boys in the camp?
Chapter 5
What conflict did Stanley encounter with a campmate?

How did Mr. Pendanski say to remember his name?

What is Mr. Pendanski's name and why do the boys call him that?
Chapter 6
Why was Stanely late for the bus and forcced to walk home?

How did Stanley get "Sweet Feet's" sneakers?

Why did the judge not believe Stanley's side of the story?
Chapter 7
What does the phrase; "You're not in the Girl Scouts" mean?

How did carrying the pig help Stanley's great-great-grandfather?

What do the boys always do when they finish digging a hole?
Chapter 8
What does the yellow spotted lizard look like?

Explain how a yellow spotted lizard is so dangerous?
Chapter 9
Why did Xray say that digging a hole is fun?

Why did Stanley's letter to his mom make it sound like he is at a real camp?

Is it good/bad to have a nickname?
Chapter 10
What have you learned about how to protect yourself from the sun in this chapter?

What do you think the warden would be interested in if the boys dug it up? What might this foretell?

Why does Xray want Stanley to tell him first if he finds anything?

What kind of boy usually become the leader?

Why does Stanley like the nickname Caveman?
Chapter 11

What does Stanley want to do with his life when he grows up?

What does Magnet want to do when he grows up?

What did Stanley notice Zero do for the first time? Why did Zero do this?
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Cahpter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
What does the Warden hurt Armpit with?

Why does it not seem to bother Stanley to have to go see the Warden?

Where is Stanley hurt?
Why does X-ray treat Stanley better now?

Why does Stanley push the wheelbarrow instead of digging?

What news does Stanley's mother have in the letter?
What could be causing Stanley's head to throb?

Stanley thinks he needs to save his energy for "the people who counted," what does that mean?

Zero says Stanley doesn't need to teach him to write, only to read, why is that?
The boys just aren't digging "to build character", what is the real reason they are digging?

Why did the boys think that the Warden knew all of their names?

Were the boys digging in the right places to find the objects? Explain.
What race is each boy?

What does Stanley mean when he says that the boys were "all the same reddish brown color" when they were digging?

Why is Magnet's nickname, Magnet?
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