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User Needs

No description

Pooya Naraghi

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of User Needs

Plan of Action
Product/Service Needs:
Real-time sensor
Automation option for those traveling.
Brainstorm Session

User Needs
Consumer Journey
Research Conducted
Target Market:
Plant-owners who need assistance caring for plants
Research Conducted:
5-question interview with The Home Depot employee
12-question interview with 3 volunteers
10-question online survey with 135 responses
Primary, Secondary, and Luxury Features
User Needs
Product or Service
Andrea Campuzano, Chandler Ferguson, Eliza Hanson, Linda He, Pooya Naraghi, Lauren Yazbak, Jin Kang
Surveyed 135 volunteers:
Main concerns with planting?
Location of plants? Why?
Challenges of plant survival?
Reasons for death of plants?
Features of product/service?

Plant Care Challenges
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