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Future Technology 2050

This Prezi will provide you with the infomaation you need about technology in 2050. Have Fun Watching.

Tommy Green

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Future Technology 2050

Future Technology in the year 2050 By Tommy Green Technology The technology we have is rapidly evolving by the desire of the human race. At that rate things are going we might have more technology than we have ever had on earth. Facts About Technology Technology is electronically devices mainly.
EG of Technology:
. I Pad, Laptop, Phones, Cars, DS, TV and more. Medicine With the rapid rise of technology we could have robotic limbs that work instead of loads of years in intensive care. We would also have robotic nurses and also jabs that stop us from breaking bone and getting the flu. Robotics could help us in the doctors as we know it. It would all be different. Robots In the year 2050 we could have robots. •Robots that perform most operations
•Robots as soldiers or security officers
•Robots that are remotely controlled with mind links
•Robot as partners and friends Cars In the future there will be many types of different cars like updataed Mercedes, Honda and Ferraro and new types of cars. Picture from Google Images House of the future In the future house will be alot different because of all the technologhy we might have a fidge thattell us what food we have in it and the cell bye date of the food or the worlds flattest flat screen TV in the world in our home. Pictures got from Google images Food In the future we will have many kinds of different food, to go with our new cookers and advance ovens. Pictures gotten from Google Images And that was our tour on future technology. We could have technology implants in us so we could text in bed or watch films on our arm for entertainment. We could get the TV in front of eyes with sun glass that ply the TV. South korea's home of the future
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