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Week 2 - Website Development

Understand the purpose of website development and what a good site needs to be able to achieve.

UK Arts Administration

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Week 2 - Website Development

Finally Let's brainstorm some ways we can determine what makes a stellar web site and what doesn't. Any thoughts? Where to Start (Why a site?) Week 2 - AAD 302 Web Design Promote or Inform on a Brand
Generate Discussions
Connect to Others / Social Media
Collect Information for Marketing
Purchases or Donations
http://www.anseladams.com/ Website Development What Information Should You Include? (Know your Audience)
What are the Technical Elements? (Widgets, eCommerce, Mobile)
Know the Database Requirements (Especially for WordPress) Web Hits What is considered a successful visit?
Website analytics - rating and fine-tuning your user experiences
Optimizing designs and layouts (cross-browser)
Draw out (highlight) important content
Web accessibility for impaired persons Elements of a Website It's all about Perspective: View a website from many user perspectives
Interface Design: Visual / textual communication
Navigation: Where I've been, Where I am, Where I'm going
Content: Original content that is optimized for the web
Form and Function: Similar to a visual artist or composer, start with a broad template and work in. Production Creating a wireframe
Story boarding the navigation
Content creation
User testing for awesome people There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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