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Violence and Non-Violence

A presentation about violence, non-violence, media, and communities.

Dania Khelik

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Violence and Non-Violence

Violence Hurts What are the similarities in showing respect
and having self respect? Different ways to show respect...

~ Respect means to show tolerance and
understanding towards others.
*People want to be treated with respect
*May not treat others respectfully
When Gaining Self Respect:
*have to show respect to others to feel good about self. Different ways to show respect... ~ Listen
~Be considerate
~Good body language
~Keep your word
~Be on time
~Have manners
~Be fair
Go out of your way to show respect. Definition of tolerance...
Why it is important to learn about
other countries and cultures... To what extent do cultural influences promote violent and non-violent behaviors? Tolerance: A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.

Important to learn about other countries and cultures because...
~creates relationship
~strong relationships are important/ foundation for change
~create tolerance and understanding
Tolerance and understanding are good morals to have. What are behaviors observed in a positive and respectful school, community,and global environment? What are benefits of to living in a non violent community. How does media desensitize the public to violence? Learning about culture= Positive influence on violence. Less violence means more tolerance.

Rules of etiquette in England:
~Privacy is important
~Don't talk about work when hanging out after work hours
~Tap your nose to signal a secret

Rules of etiquette in France:
~Lightly kiss on both cheeks when greeting
~Flowers should be given in odd numbers but not 13
~Do not begin eating until the host(ess) says 'bon appetit'

Rules of etiquette in Hungary
~Close friends kiss cheeks
~Don't bring wine
~Do not ask for a tour of somebody's house

Rules of etiquette in Austria:
~Some older men may kiss a woman's hand
~Titles are important
~A man from another country should never kiss an Austrian woman's hand

Rules of etiquette in Spain:
~Female friends kiss eachother on cheeks
~Many men use a two-handed forearm shake The benefit of living in a non-violent community is that you can feel safe and secure and have well-accustomed children and lives. ~Better manners
~More respect
~Get more out of the experience
~Violence doesn't appear often in a positive and
repectful environment How does social media contribute to bullying and violence? Media desensetizes the public to violence by
~Creating violent movies, TV shows, etc.
They make violence entertaining and not a big deal.

The lyrics of songs today have nasty and disrespectful lyrics that talk of abuse, disrespect to women, animals, and the planet. Children introduced to these lyrics at a young age can learn their attitude from them.

Examples of respectful songs are:
~Where Is The Love? -By the Black Eyed Peas
~Union -By the Black Eyed Peas
~Man In The Mirror -By Michael Jackson Social media contributes to violence
~No remorse
~People can say hurtful things
~Without being face to face
~Creates negative feelings
~May get so angry that violence results Citations






http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette By: Dania, Hannah, And Hailey
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