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Personal Finance

No description

afdhal nidzam abd raffar

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Personal Finance

You Thank
You Effects of Consumer Credit
on Our Lives BFN2084 Personal Finance Group Members:

Faridah Bt Mahmud

Nurain Abdullah

Nurhayati Bt Ahmad Sabri

Afdhal Nidzam Abd Raffar
(1051107918) introduction bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla blabla bla bla
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bla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla bla
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bla bla bla research
methodology A correlation study and uses the survey method to collect data

Sample size: 40 respondents

Sample period: mid August 2012 to end of August 2012 conclusion In average, Malaysian prepare well in organizing their credit and income.

The advantages of using credit card:
-Safety; not carry large amount of cash
-Keep tracking of what we spending every month

The disadvantages of using credit card:
-Blowing your budget
-Easy to spend
-High interest charge

data analysis Credit is an arrangement to receive cash, goods, or services now and pay for them in future

Consumer credit refers to the use of credit for personal needs (except a home mortgage) by individuals and families

Objective of Study: The Effects of Consumer Credit On Our Lives 1. Distribution of respondents who would borrow to pay for additional expenses 2. Distribution of respondends who pay bills on time 3. Types of agent that respondends would seek to view their credit report 6. Respondents action when they have serious credit problems 5. Respondents opinion on building
a good rating 4. Duration of loan default status on credit report
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