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Competitive Cheer. "Its

No description

Kaileah Gross

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Competitive Cheer. "Its

Competitive Cheer.
Cheer Vocabulary
All Star- (n) A prestigious award presented to worthy cheerleaders in competitive cheer.
The Bow
Important People Who Shaped Cheer Culture
1 out of 10 super stars from the All Star Program
Former World Champion, Majors Champion, NCA, UCA, and All American Champion.
Not only a sport, but also a culture.
Thomas Peebles
signifies cheerleaders.
gives a team a sense of identification
unifies cheerleaders
"Best advice for young cheerleaders is to never give up on ones goals and dreams, because with the right attitude and hard work anything is possible."
Jamie Andries
Joined the male, "Pep Club" at Princeton
Moved to Minnesota
Brought ideas of "cheer" to the University
One of the first "cheerleaders"
Several men were apart of this such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower
Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer
Held first cheer clinic ever
Coined the the jump titled, "Herkie"
Created the "holy" spirit stick and poms
Created the National Cheerleading Association (NCA)
Jeff Webb
Created Universal Cheerleading Association
Changed what cheerleading meant
Added advanced stunts and routines
Began the era of "Competitive Cheer"
Competition begin to be broad casted on ESPN
Creates "All-Star"
(non-school cheer; like Spirit Elite)
Peyton Mabry
"All Star"
Known for undeniable form and talent
Won countless awards on the team "Cheetah"
The sport is an art of it's own
Champions are made when you believe in the possibility of the perfect team.
When you believe in the flyer even though she’s fallen before.
When you believe in the base even though she’s faltered before.
When you believe in the tumblers even though they’ve stumbled before.
When you believe in the back tucks even though they’ve crashed before.
When you believe in the routine even though it’s fallen short before.
When you believe in the girl beside you and yourself even though you’ve failed before.
Believing in each other and yourself reveals the Champion within.
The Champion Within
Tami Romeis
The overall routine including the stunt sequence and the jumps, literally everything--has come down to a three minute routine. All of the sweat, tears, and hard work put into practicing truly shines through as a piece of it's own art.
In a nutshell, this poem is the essence of competitive cheer. The culture that goes through this process every time a stunt is thrown up, a cheer is being said, or tumbling passes on the cusp of being completed. Working together for one ultimate goal: to be a champion.
Connotation- The highest ranking award a cheerleader can get.
Stunting- (n) a performance displaying a person's skill or dexterity, as in athletics.
Connotation- A display where generally four people work together to build an acrobatic feature where the flyer is lifted or thrown in the air.
Tumbling- (n) the act, practice, or art of performing acrobatic tumbles.
Connotation- Throwing one’s self into abnormal body positions while flying through the air.
Backspot- (n) the person in the back of the stunt that helps support the flyer.
Connotation- The person behind who lifts the flyers ankles into the air and helps catch the flyer's body when he or she comes down.
Base- (n) the bottom support of anything, that on which a thing stands or rests.
Connotation- (primary and secondary) the people who grab the flyer’s foot and helps propel him or her into the air.
Flyer- (n) something that flies, as a bird or insect.
Connotation- In the stunt, the person who is the highest into the air.
Pom Poms- (n) An ornamental tuft or ball of feathers, wool, or the like, used on hats, slippers, etc.
Connotation- Accessory used by cheerleaders to improve engagement of the crowd while cheering.
Spirit Stick- (n) A stick made of wood which rallies pep from the crowd.
Connotation- A symbol of unity/morale for the cheer team.
Connotation- Phrases/sayings that engage the crowd.
Cheers- (n) A set or traditional form of shout used by spectators to encourage or show enthusiasm for an athletic team, contestant, etc.
Jumps- (v) to spring clear of the ground or other support by a sudden muscular effort; leap.

Connotation- Either a toe touch, herkie, pike, or hurdler.
Competition- (n) A contest for some prize, honor, or advantage.

Connotation- The moment when everything the teams has worked for is shown.
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