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Saint Laurent Paris

No description

Désirée Schildt

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Saint Laurent Paris

The Campaign -
The Saint Laurent Music Project
Objectives -
A Revolution

Creative Strategy
The Brand
Saint Laurent & Music
Situational Analysis
Yves Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent
Affective Approach
The Target
The Evolution of the Campaign
Media Strategy
Copy Strategy
Prognosis for 2014
Intention to communicate dynamic presence
Association with musicians play to Saint Laurent heritage
Music themed campaign is in the brand's root
In 60s &70s bands were dressed for the stage by YSL (e.g. Mick & Bianca Jagger)
YSL muses were party girls: "the joie de vivre, sometimes undercut with sadness"
Yves Saint Laurent retired in 2002
Tom Ford & Stefano Pilati followed as Creative Directors
Neither of them created any signature pieces
Yves Saint Laurent lost core designer & is missing on a unique design/communication which would distinguish brand from other french fashion houses
The next step: Hedi Slimane became Creative Director in 2012
Hedi Slimane:
New Creative Director

Changes the name "Yves Saint Laurent" to "Saint Laurent Paris" for ready-to-wear collection (first prêt-à-porter collection was called "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche")
Changes the logo
Moves design studio from Paris to Los Angeles (Maison is still in Paris)
Radical, new positioning
All in black & white
"Elegant and Sophisticated"
"Colorful and Feminine"
Upper-class couture enthusiasts
Fashion leaders
Young women with urban & chic lifestyle
Rebellious & modern
"Saint Laurent does not present the product itself look desirable, but makes the customer using the product look desirable."
Yves Saint Laurent
"La maison"
Saint Laurent vs. Yves Saint Laurent
Point of Parity: same umbrella brand, corporate communication, both luxury focus

Point of Difference: ready-to-wear Collection, exclusive positioning, even more high-end
Saint Laurent vs. Competitors
Point of Parity: French heritage, Haute-Couture House

Point of Difference: Contemporary, grungy, arty
Unique Brand Communication Efforts
"Taboo" business culture (musicians as provocative brand ambassadors without a pure image)
Ad adapted to contemporary culture (arty & modern)
Homage to the history of the fashion house
Saint Laurent Music Project:
Photographs of musicians (e.g. Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis) who wear their favorite Yves Saint Laurent pieces
Musicians seem to be forgotten in modern pop culture
But they influenced the music of the 20th century and shaped styles and genres
Reference to Yves Saint Laurent's revolutionary and new era designs
Disseminating campaign via social media
Creating high extend of Word-of-Mouth along fashion enthusiasts
Publishing Campaign in Print magazines
Producing videos and music videos that went viral
The Print Ad
Published in selective fashion magazines only in order to stay exclusive
Only double pages
E.g. Vogue, Elle, Madame
Press Relations
Only selective magazines are allowed to photograph Saint Laurent pieces
Dressing celebrities at events so that photos are published in magazines
Saint Laurent Paris Dance
Video on YouTube Channel
Viral Communication
The Idea: Punk ideals with little girl fantasies (Ballerina shoes as one of Saint Laurent it pieces)
Social Media
Facebook, Pinterest etc.
Creating a fan community with followers
Publishing latest news and allowing first insights of the new collection
Target: Upper-class Couture Enthusiasts
Promise: offers contemporary and exclusive fashion experience
Reason-Why: Brand heritage (french couturier excellence) & compelling brand ambassadors
Key benefit: exclusive designs & high quality
Tone: modern, rebellious, arty, grungy

Success or Failure?
"Love it or hate it campaign"
The Brand:
Distancing from its namesake is risky (few brands have iconic brand ambassadors e.g. Chanel, Dior)
However, colours and new shop design (all in black&white) underlines brand identity
Campaign is unique, memorable & creates buzz in the fashion scene
The Target:
Adding "Paris" takes the brand down-market (assumes less sophisticated audience)
Targeting young urban women, but former target group were elegant, "parisian chic" women 30+
Hedi Slimane & Saint Laurent:
Creative Director is famous for art photographies: campaign wins on credibility
The new communication is more a reflexion of Slimane then homage on brand heritage
Brand heritage:
Referring to the heritage of "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche" (brand name 1980:
Art & Music influenced Yves Saint Laurent brand creation
Transferring the brand's tradition in a new, contemporary era
Copy Strategy 2014
Target: Upper Class couture enthusiasts
Promise: Offers contemporary and exclusive fashion experience with highest quality and finest materials
Reason-Why: Brand heritage (french couturier excellence) & compelling brand ambassadors
Key Benefit: exclusive designs & high quality
Tone: modern, arty, exclusive
Saint Laurent became third ranked luxury brand after Dior and Chanel according to their credits in major fashion magazines

Media Strategy 2014
Recommendations 2014
Staying exclusive (since new design is more targeting the fashion mass market and designs get copied by street fashion designers)
No mass advertisement, no promotions (only ad that is directed to target group)
New creative art ad idea (new brand ambassadors that refer to brand's heritage such as Bianca Jagger)
Sponsorship & Events (showing Corporate Citizenship since Saint Laurent is known for using fur and leather)
sponsoring festivals such as music events
Corporate Social Responsibility
Point of Sale Marketing
Unique store design
All in black'n white
exclusive materials such as marble
Creates exciting shopping experience
Underlines brand image
The Website
Creation of dynamic Website
Video that shows the history of the brand & new direction
Only to be seen on website
Social Media
Creating a brand community with attractive every-day-news and trend specials
Positive effect on customer loyalty
Online Banner
Banner Advertising via selective online fashion boutiques
net-à-porter, mytheresa
Active Press Relations
Advertisement in selective fashion magazines
Interviews with brand ambassadors
Positive Relations to bloggers & journalists
Viral Communication
Videos create buzz in fashion scene
Cost saving
storytelling about the brand
Design and music videos (arty & memorable)
Fashion show soundtracks
Targetted Marketing
Advertising Video to be shown in cinema
Only on exclusive events (e.g. Cannes festival)

"Edgy and Grungy"
Source: 2013, Media Radar
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