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Ella C. Tundra

No description

Media Class

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Ella C. Tundra

By Ella
20% of Earth's surface is the Tundra.3/4 of the Tundra is frozen. In the winter it can be -56 degrease and 45 degrease in the summer. There are 48 known mammals in the Tundra, one is the arctic fox.
Statistic Slide
The Tundra has about 1,700 plants and 48 speices of mammals.
Imped Video
This video is about the Tundra.
The Tundra is mostly cold. High winds and mosses, short shrubs, linches, and few trees live there. Foxes, lemmings, hares, caribou and birds that eat flies and mosquitoes.
a fox blends in, in the winter.
A layer of permanently frozen soil just beneath the surface this is called permafrost.
In the summer, the top layer of soil thaws.
The Tundra is found in the northern part of Earth.
Animals hibernate or migrate in the winter.
Ice is thawing
Water cannot go through the frozen soil, so the top layer gets all soggy.
This is a picture of soggy grass in the Tundra.
The Tundra is found in the parts of Earth. The temperature can drop to as low as -56 degrease during the winter. The highs would be 45 degrease.
Main Idea
Here are some pictures
Fun Facts
Summary Slide
The Tundra is mostly snow, ice, and it is very cold there
The can be 45 degrease and the lows at -56 degrease.
There are many mammals that live there.
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