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Navy CIS

No description

Leonie Westphal

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Navy CIS

Navy CIS
Hawaii Five-O
Connect with
by: Marie
and Leonie :)

since 2003 an us-american crimescene
a team of investigators of the NCIS
investigation of crimes
the idea of Donald P. Bellisaro and Don McGill
the most viewed series
11+ seasons (240+ episodes)
in september 2013 start of season 10

Mark Harman (Leroy Jethro Gibbs)
Sasha Alexander (Katelin Todd)
Micheal Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo)
Pauly Perrette (Abigail Scuito)
Cote de Pablo (Siva David)
Sean Murray (Timothy McGee)
David MC Callum (Donald Mallard)
Lauren Holly (Jennifer Shepard)

Connect with

◦since 2010
◦Genre: ◾Police procedur

◦2008 anoucement for remake
◦New serie use zero instead of o
◦country origin united states
◦Task force

◦4+ season, about 78+ episodes

•Cast ◦Alex O´Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
◦Scott Caan (Daniel Williams)
◦Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly)
◦Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua)


Lieutenant Comander Steve McGarrett ◾Dad was killed
◾form a Task Force
◾Navy Seal
◾friend Sam Hanna
◾such murderer from his Dad
◾energic personality

Detective Daniel "Danny" /"Danno" Williams ◾follow ex-wife and his daughter
◾was recruiteded for five-0
◾Loyal Cop
◾don´t like Hawaii
◾protect his daughter

◦Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly ◾ex-cop
◾Friend from John McGarrett(Steves Dad)
◾same school with Steve
◾Cousin Kono
◾member from five-0

◦Detective Kono Kalakaua ◾only woman
◾cousin Chin
◾undercover as dirty ex-cop
◾was been a surfer
◾member from five-0

•Generally ◦since 2009
◦Genre: ◾military Dram
◾police procedural

◦Crated by Shane Brennan
◦Undercover unity

•Serie ◦5+ season, about 105+ episodes

•Cast ◦Chris O´Donnell (G. Callen)
◦LL Cool J (Sam Hanna)
◦Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye)
◦Eric Christiam Olsen (Marty Deeks)
◦Linda Hunt (Henrietta Lange)
◦Barrett Foa (Eric Beal)
◦Reneé Felice Smith (Nell Jones)
◦Peter Gambor (Nate Gettz)
◦Miguel Ferrer (Owen Granger)
◦Rocko Carroll (Leon Vance)

Charakter ◦Senior special Agent G. Callen ◾orphan
◾talent for undercover work
◾don´t know what G. mean
◾work for FBI & CIA
◾secretly personalty

◦senior special agent Sam Hanna ◾Navy Seal
◾Friend Steve McGarrett
◾has two childeren
◾his wife is a agent too
◾expert on arabic culture

◦Junior special Agent Kensi Blye ◾only woman
◾help McGarrett
◾speak spanisch and portuguese
◾morse code

◦Laison Detective Marty Deeks ◾works for LAPD
◾angry with dad
◾love himself
◾decline be a ncis agent

◦Henrietta "Hetty" Lange ◾Cares about things for undercover work
◾like Gibbs
◾Operation Manger
◾she is everywhere say the team

◦Eric Beal ◾Tech operator
◾friend Abigail Scuito
◾ancestor from Germany
◾wear at work flip flops and a hawaii shirt

◦Nell Jones ◾Little clothes
◾same size how hetty
◾Intelligence analyse
◾talks a lot

◦Nate Getz ◾psychologist
◾very quiet

◦Owen Granger ◾Assistant director

◦Direktor Leon vance
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