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Suicide and Depression

No description

Jia Moore

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Suicide and Depression

Megan Buckley and Jia Moore
Lost Hope
The majority of people who take their lives were suffering mental illnesses, such as depression.
As the depression consumes the body and mind, the pain becomes too overwhelming. The brain will try to find ways to kill the pain, which leads to...
Depression is a serious mental disease that not only affects the way you think, it affects the way you act and feel.
Depression leaves you feeling...
"How are you?"
"I'm fine...just tired."
Tired of...
Feeling alone, feeling hated, crying myself to sleep, being in pain. Being depressed and suicidal.
One person commits suicide every 16 minutes. Over 75% of them are depressed.
Depression can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.
Suicide is just a way that they can express their feelings.
Most people who attempt suicide don't want to die...
All they want, is for the
to end.
They weren't sick...but their brains were. And there was nothing they could do.
Suicidal thoughts and actions.
But there's something that you could do.
You can help those who are depressed and suicidal.
You can know the causes of depression.

Biological Differences
Brain Chemistry
Inherited Traits
Life Events

These are just a few.
You can be aware of the symptoms:

Changes in sleep, mood and/or attitude
Feelings of anger or irritability
Feeling hopeless and helpless
Feeling guilt and worthlessness
Loss in energy and motivation
You can know the symptoms of suicide:
Saying "goodbye"
Talking about suicide
Giving away possessions
Mention phrases such as, "I'm done" or "I can't."
Severe mood swings
Reckless actions
You can call the suicide hotline.

15 percent of people who are depressed, manage to commit suicide successfully.
More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than cancer, AIDS, birth defects, strokes, influenza and lung disease COMBINED.

4 out of 5 students who have attempted suicide were showing clear warning signs.
But nobody was there to understand what was going on, to help them, to show support, or just be there for them.
So what are we doing while this life- threatening problem continues? We can't do much until we understand the problem at it's source.
Majority of people do not understand how severe depression is, and how it leads to suicide...until it pops up in their life. And they are left to deal with the mess.
We try not to have to deal with depression until we have to. And unfortunately, sometimes it's just not soon enough.
You can save a life.
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