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La Vida Robot

No description

Ivan Alvarez

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of La Vida Robot

Joshua Davis
What is a hardworking person? A hardworking person is characterized by hard work and perseverance in carrying out tasks.A hardworking person is responsible and diligent.Both texts give examples of hardworking people.Also they show how hard work can pay off.
In the narration La Vida de Robot, the Carl Hayden team was not very prepared.The team was mostly composed by immigrant teenagers.These teenagers were not all that academically prepared in robotic but they were greatly amazed by it.Their interest in the subject,changed them greatly for the best.All this work,helped them win the competition and opened different doors for them.
Hard work does not always pay off the way people want it to.Many not know how to deal with such failure,the important thing is that you learn from it.Being a hard worker does not mean you are a genius or better than anyone,it mean you are a respectable individual.All of the hard work at some point it will pay off.It is in your hands to recognize it and know how to make it even better.

Contemplate- to think about.
Designate- to point out, show.
Disciplined- Self controlled.
Implement- to perform.
Innovate- new, original.
Perpetually- Always.
procastinate- to wait, delay.
spontaneusly- suddenly and without a plan.
Story Map
Title: La Vida Robot
Author: Joshua Davis
Setting: West Phoenix, Carl Hayden High
a) protagonist- Lorenzo, Christian,Oscar and
Point of view: third person
Conflict: external (man vs society)
Mood: inspiring drama
Theme: It does not matter from where you are from or what kind of education you have, if you fight hard for what you want you can accomplish anything.
La Vida Robot
by: Joshua Davis

Exposition- A group of indocumented mexican boys are going to compete in the national underwater bot championship
Rising Action- Each of the integrants of the groups has a special role with the team to help building the robot.
Climax- When they finish building the robot they pu it on the competition accomplishing each task.
Falling Action- The MIT university also competed. When the competition started they noticed that the did not accomplish some task and the started to lose
Resolution- The Carl Hayden Community High School won the competition.
He did not have an easy life,he went through several competitions and always got the bad end but he went on trying. At some point he developed a writing carrier by selling accounts of his adventures to magazines. These stories are collected in his first book. This collection tracks Davis's attempts to measure up to the standards of others.Today,he is a contributing editor for Wired magazine,where "La Vida Robot" first appeared.
Key Words
Key Words
Contemplate- contemplar.
Designate- designar.
Disciplined- disciplinado.
Implement- implementado.
Innovate- innovar.
Perpetually- perpetuamente.
procastinate- procrastinar.
spontanesly- spontaneo.
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