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Intermediate English: Know Your Audience

OISE Presentation

L Weldon

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Intermediate English: Know Your Audience

There are
right answers.
What does the word "yellow" mean?
What synonym could you replace it with?
Will it work in every line?
It's all about how you communicate your ideas.
Oral Communication
Media Literacy
Oral Communication
Reading & Literature Studies
Media Studies
Listening to Understand
Speaking to Communicate
Reflecting on Skills & Strategies
Reflecting on Skills & Strategies
Reflecting on Skills & Strategies
Reflecting on Skills & Strategies
Reading for Meaning
Understanding Form & Style
Reading With Fluency
Developing & Organizing Content
Using Knowledge of Form & Style
Applying Knowledge of Conventions
Understanding Media Texts
Understanding Media Forms, Conventions & Techniques
Creating Media Texts
They love to argue.
In my opinion, Cassius is like a snake. I used this simile because he is deceitful like a snake. For example, in act 2 scene 1, Cassius left an unsigned letter in Brutus's study which regarded how the people of Rome were suffering and that Caesar must be dealt with. This was a deceitful action because Cassius tricked Brutus into killing Caesar. Also, Cassius is cunning like the reptile. An example, in act 1 scene 2, Cassius tries to convince Brutus that Caesar's sudden rise to power. This was cunning since Cassius was evasive by pulling Brutus aside and conversing with him about Caesar. Finally, Cassius waits for the right time to strike Caesar like a snake waits to strike its prey. For example, Cassius planned Caesar's assassination to be on the Ides of March (March 15). He was patient on when to kill which proves that my comparison was correct. In conclusion, Cassius very similar to a snake.
If I could create a building I would build a hockey rink because of my love for hockey. It would be great and have a snack bar, stands, and a spectator’s lounge. It would be world-class ice with two rinks and we would host the nationals in hockey. Crescent would than excel in hockey. It would have a big coyote in the center of the ice and on the stands there would be the name of every crescent player on the varsity team. I would love to have an arena and in my opinion make school life a lot better.
60 stab wounds in one man but did he deserve this? Yes. I think Caesar did deserve to die. Why? Because he was weak,ambitious and cold hearted. He was not fit to lead the great city of Rome.
Julius Caesar was a merciless cold hearted murderer. He would not give second chances to those who he thinks have done wrong. To prove my point, he banishes one of the senator's brothers for unknown reasons. But on the day before he dies, the conspirators give him one last test let. To let the senators brother back in, showing mercy. He fails and that is the conspirators final decision. He also murdered two men in front of a crowd of thousands of people because they tore down posters of his face. They were innocent men but Caesar murdered them anyway. The two men were named Flavius and Marullus and they were tribunes. They lived to save the people from Caesars tyranny.
He was also a very ambitious man. The day he was going to die, his wife Calpurnia had a dream warning him not to go to the senate but then he heard rumours that if he went to the senate he would be crowned and that is what he wanted. He always wanted to be the ruler, but he knew that the city was supposed to be a republic of 60 senators but Caesar wanted it all for himself. In the parade, Mark Antony offered Caesar the crowd three times and he denied it each time but with less enthusiasm. He wanted the crown more and more with every offer. He wanted to rule the people and take advantage of them. Brutus says in the funeral speech, "Would you rather Caesar lived and you all die slaves,or Caesar die and you all live free men?" He means that Caesar would take advantage of the people in the great city of Rome.
Caesar was also a very weak man.When he and Cassius attempted to swim in the the rapids of the tiber river, Caesar could not make it and he almost drowned and needed help from Cassius so that he wouldn't drown. He was sick and cried out for help like a weak little girl. He is very weak. He also has epilepsy. He shakes many times and if he can't control his own body, how will he be fit to control a great city like Rome?
Julius Caesar was an ambitious,weak and cold hearted man. He was not fit to rule such a great city as Rome.
Julius Caesar Deserved to Die
Simple Assessment FOR Learning
Specific Assessment OF Learning
Does TOO!
Does NOT!
Debating involves:
Organization of ideas
Making connections
Persuasive writing
Critical thinking
Public speaking
A platform for any topic of interest to be discussed & analyzed
Note taking
Listening skills
A.R.E Arguments
MS Vision
4-Step Refutation
See The Middle School Public Debate Program for resources and more information
Public Speaking
They have to talk.
Literature Circles
They love an audience.
Persuasive writing & Debating
They love to think about

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Cross Curricular
Differentiation (DI)
Backwards Planning
Simple Structures
Literary Devices
"Explain what you mean by this."
"Read this out loud"
"Try talking your ideas out first."
Character Web
Audience of Co-Learners
Database of Exemplars
Builds Community
Teacher or student generated topics
Related to unit of study
Ongoing project
Practice specific writing skills
Develop constructive criticism skills
Give all students an equal voice
Showcase exemplary skill & talent
IBSC Wisdom of Practice Project
18 boys’ schools globally
1500+ student responses
1000+ educator responses
Collaborative University Research
Kehler & Atkinson
Reichert & Hawley
Martino & Rezai-Rashti
Emotional Development of Boys

Obesity Masculinity
Body Image
Teachers as Role Models
Faculty Action Research
Reading, Writing & Video Games ~ NY Times
The Adolescent Brain - A Work in Progress
Focus on ENGAGING THEIR Audience
Script Writing
& Analysis
Stop-motion animation
Discussion Director
Literary Luminary
Vocabulary Enricher
Visual Tracker
Customize the roles...
Teach Collaboartion & Conversation Skills
Student Choice
Big Idea
Appeal to their
How do authors create
in their readers?
What, if anything, do you think one kid can do to make a difference?
How do symbols create meaning and contribute to understanding?
They have a lot to say.
...but often struggle with how to say it.
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