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Cherokee Indians

No description

jennifer james

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Indians
and who they were
For weapons the Cherokee used bows and blowguns and threw spears and tomahawks made from rocks and sticks. The bows were made from sticks, vines and flint.
Natural Resources
Who They Were
CHAIR-uh-kee means speakers of a different language in the Muskogee language
They called themselves Aniyunwiya which means "the principal people", but today they use Cherokee.
They were peaceful allies with us.
What happened
The Cherokee originally lived in what is now Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee
In the 1800's the Supreme court said that they could stay but the president Andrew Jackson said that they had to move to Oklahoma which is now indian territory. This made the Trail of Tears, many Cherokee died.
They exist today as 3 tribes: The Cherokee nation of Oklahoma, The United Keetoowa band in Oklahoma, and The eastern band of Cherokee Indians in North. They have a reservation like a small country, but are still citizens. The eastern band of Cherokee is the only NC tribe recognized by the federal goverment.
They lived near rivers to catch fish
They owned dogs as pack animals and the settlers brought them horses.
Laws and Rules
Cherokee can't kill for revenge.
They owned a supreme court and their first law was in 1824.
For a brief time they were governed by America
The past
In the past the Cherokee had a peace chief and a war chief, the peace chief wore white and the war chief wore red. The war chief was always male but the peace chief could be female, today both can be either gender.
They lived in villages and towns with social structures made up of 7 clans divided by families. The clans were: Bird, Deer, Wolf, Blue, Longhair, Wild potato, and Paint.
They had a summer house made up of wattle and daub an adobe like clay and logs and a winter home that was a cone with a fire to keep them warm. They hung weapons on the wall in case an enemy attacked.
Cherokee religion
Cherokee believed in spirits. They had a Green Corn Festival to thank the gods for their corn, that was their biggest festival. They would have ceremonies to ask the spirits to help them. They would dress up and dance to music during these ceremonies.
Cherokee villages would have 30 to 50 families. Each family would be a part of a larger clan. In the family the mother was in charge of cooking and the house while the man was in charge of hunting and war.
A famous Cherokee named Sequoyah invented the Cherokee writing system. It is a syllabary language which means each character represents a syllable
The Cherokee made lots of art such as painted baskets, decorated pots, carved pipes, and bead work.
Fun Fact about Food
They sweeten their food with honey sap instead of sugar.
They played a stick ball game called Anejodi which is like lacrosse
After 2 Cherokee get married the male moves in with the female.
Children get different names over their lifetime. They were names of nature.
their clothes were made of animal skins with the fur on the inside. During the winter they wore skins of beavers, panthers, and bears. They wore moccasins on their feet and long deer leggings. Females wore skirts from buffalo skin and deer skin with feathers for decoration. Their jewlry was made of feathers, shells, and beads. When they traded with the settlers they wore cloth instead.
Corn was their favorite meal cooked in stews or ground into bread. Meat came from the animals from meadows, forests or streams. Plums, berries, mushrooms, wild greens, wild potatoes and nuts formed a part of their menu. They had no set meal times, they ate after a good hunt, when they were hungry, or when travelers came.
Each chief had 7 clans to help them. Their tools were made of stones and bones.. When the settlers arrived they traded for steel hoes, metal axes, iron, cooking kettles, and steel sewing needles.
Map of Trail of Tears
Cherokee Flag
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