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Keshna Jeyandrabalan

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Keshna Jeyandrabalan
Prime Ministers!!!
The longest standing prime minister was Robert Menzies. The shortest standing prime minister was Earle Page. The reason why Earle Page was prime minister for 20 days was because Joseph Lyons past away. The governor general made Earle Page the caretaker prime minister until the United Australia could elect a new prime minister. The most unusual ways of a prime minister leaving was how Earle Page became prime minister and how he left.
Vice regal termination!!!
The prime minister that had vice regal termination was Gough Whitlam. It happened on November 11th 1975. The Governor General which was John Kerr dismissed Gough Whitlam with the permission of the queen and put Malcolm Fraser as a caretaker prime minister. It was the first time that an unelected vice regal representative was removed from the office of government. It got the majority from the House of Representatives. Then there was another election. In this election he was defeated.

Timeline of primeministers
1. Edmund Barton - Protectionist - 1.1.1901-9.1.1903
2. Alfred Deakin - Protectionist - 24.9.1903-2.3.1904
3. John Christian Watson Labor - 27.4.1904-17.8.1904
4. George Housten Reid - Free Trade - 18.8.1904-5.7.1905
5. Alfred Deakin - Protectionist - 5.7.1905-9.9.1908
6. Andrew Fisher - Labor - 13.11.1908-1.6.1909
7. Alfred Deakin - Commonwealth Liberal - 2.6.1909-28.4.1910
8. Andrew Fisher - Labor - 29.4.1910-23.6.1913
9. Joseph Cook - Commonwelath Liberal - 24.6.1913-16.9.1914
10. Andrew Fisher - Labor - 17.9.1914-26.9.1915
11. William Morris Hughes - Labor and Nationalist - 27.9.1915-8.2.1923
12. Stanley Melbourne Bruce - Nationalist - 9.2.1923-21.10.1929
13. James Scullin - Labor - 22.10.1929-5.1.1932
14. Joseph Lyons - Nationalist - 6.1.1932-6.4.1939
15. Earle Page - Country National - 7.4.1939-25.4.1939
16. Robert Menzies - Nationalist - 26.4.1939-28.8.1941
17. Arthur Fadden - Country Nationalist - 29.8.1941-6.10.1941
18. John Curtin - Labor - 7.10.1941-5.7.1945
19. Ben Chifley - Labor - 13.7.1945-18.12.1949
20. Robert Menzies - Liberal - 19.12.1949-25.1.1966
21. Harold Holt - Liberal - 26.1.1966-18.12.1967
22. John McEwen - Country Nationalist - 19.12.1967-9.1.1968
23. John Gorton - Liberal - 10.1.1968-9.1.1971
24. William McMahon - Liberal - 10.3.1971-4.12.1972
25. Gough Whitlam - Labor - 5.12.1972-10.11.1975
26.Malcolm Fraser - Liberal - 11.11.1975-10.3.1983
27. Robert Hawke - Labor - 11.3.1983-19.12.1991
28.Paul Keating - Labor - 20.12.1991-10.3.1996
29. John Howard - Liberal - 11.3.1996-2.12.2007
30. Kevin Rudd - Labor - 3.12.2007-23.6.2010
31. Julia Gillard - Labor -24.6.2010-26.6.2013
32. Kevin Rudd - Labor - (present prime minister)27.6.2013
Prime Ministers
7 Prime Ministers who have not won an election!!!
The 7 prime ministers who have not won an election was John Christian Watson, George Reid, Earle Page, Arthur Fadden, Francis Forde, John McEwen and William McMahon. these people can be chosen by the governor general or be made with votes in parliament.
Politicians getting the prime minister job!!!
The Prime minister job can be obtained by a politician if they have leadership qualities and show it out. They have to be trustworthy and responsible.
These were the pms who have not won an election. John Christian Watson, George Reid, Earle Page, Arthur Fadden, Frank Forde, John McEwen, and William McMahon. They can be made a temporary for issues from the previous prime minister such as death.
Protectionist: 3
Nationalist: 5
Free Trade: 1
Liberal: 7
Labor: 13

Edmund Barton
Alfred Deakin
John Christian Watson
George Reid
Alfred Deakin
Andrew Fisher
Alfred Deakin
Andrew Fisher
Joseph Cook
Andrew Fisher
William Hughes
Stanley Bruce
James Scullin
Joseph Lyons
Earle Page
Robert Menzies
Arthur Fadden
John Curtin
Ben Chifley
Robert Menzies
Harold Holt
John McEwen
John Gorton
William McMahon
Gough Whitlam
Malcolm Fraser
Robert Hawke
Paul Keating
John Howard
Kevin Rudd
Julia Gillard
Edmund Barton

Sir Edmund Barton was the first prime minister of Australia and commenced this work on New Year's day 1901. He got his education at Fort Street school and at the University of Sydney. He then married Jane Mason Ross. He had worked in the federation for 10 years and he was trustworthy so he became the first Australian prime minister. He was born in Glebe, NSW on the 18th of January 1849. The governor general which was Lord Hopetoun, made Edmund Barton the prime minister. The states were informed and the next day and year the came to Centennial park and made a ceremony. He was also part of the Protectionist party. Barton was a prime minister for 2 years and 10 months. He then resigned from prime minister to get the job as one of the two judges for the new High Court. He served the High Court for 16 years until he died.
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