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The Cloud: Big Computing for Small Businesses

A short 15 min introduction to cloud computing. Presented at Rezonance conference: 22010-2020, le défi Cloud Computing : enjeux, opportunités et risques" http://rezonance.ch/rezo/classes/ft-first-tuesday/geneve/20110324/one-community.

Ian Prince

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of The Cloud: Big Computing for Small Businesses

The Cloud Why now? security: already an issue (laptops, intranets, usb sticks)
shadow IT: legal compliance, integration, service budget
legal aspects: EU Data Protection Directive
loss of control/ownership/privacy
Richard Stallman: "It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign" (source Guardian)
lock-in: api-equivalents, data portability, cloud computing manifesto
human costs: AWS Platinum Premium support: 15'000$/month Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, where technological capabilities are maintained off premises and delivered on demand as a service via the internet, not unlike a public utility.

source: wikipedia Big Computing for Small Businesses http://www.bigfoto.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/theplanetdotcom/4878813311/ Ian Prince
24.3.2011 Ubiquitous internet and web browser
Open Source
Commodity Hardware The New York Times
Creating 11M articles (1851-1922) in PDF
100 EC2 Instances
4TBs of S3 capacity
<24 hours, $240 What Examples Issues So... Cloud Computing What's different Cloud Desktop Remote Local Owned (Product) Rented (Service) Self-maintained Maintained for you Limited Un-limited OS-centric Browser-centric Software as a Service (Saas) Platform as a Service (Paas) Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Exclusive Shared Multi-user Multiple users Mobile access Backed up Exportabl Exportable Cheap Flexible Big business computing at small business prices ...but beware migration & human costs Reliable ...but backup anyway New business opportunities ...but with new challenges http://prezi.com/kjn17vkzj4bk
http://ian.inextenso.com Freemium
business model Ian Prince
http://ian.inextenso.com Outlook Gmail = web applications = custom web applications = virtual data center www.tiktrac.com www.slicehost.com Reliable http://open.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/11/01/self-service-prorated-super-computing-fun/ http://aws.amazon.com Big Fast, and cheap Reliable Pricing Small business data center Iaas data center Pricing, from $20 per month http://status.aws.amazon.com
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