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No description

Elena Vladimirovna

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Russia

On behalf of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation NEW OLD RUSSIA Mission Internal Environment SWOT ANALYSIS Thank you for your attention! To increase awareness about Russia as a country
favorable for tourism and recreation,
promotion of national tourism product and
attraction of direct foreign investment
in Russia's tourist infrastructure,
which should lead to increased competitiveness of the Russian tourist market Audience 1.Policy makers

2.International press

3.Clients (tourists)

4.Organizations with similar program interests and values or with whom we partner

5.Small business owners Situation analysis Program Goals
•To launch a world-wide marketing campaign
promoting Russia as a tourism destination;

•To increase inbound tourism flows by 20%; Comments are welcome! External Environment
Demographic forces: government, locals, tourists.
Economic Forces: State financed. Global recession.
Technological Forces: Improved on-line experience.
Political Forces: The government supports tourism development in various ways Social Forces:
Social instability friendly attitude to foreign tourists •The federal target programme Domestic and Inbound Tourism Development 2011-2018
•The federal target programme Russia’s South
•Target programme for developing tourism in regions of Russia
•Investment projects for developing recreational tourism Let us INTRODUCE NEW old RUSSIA TO THE WORLD
for you to prosper Surprise the world – share the New Russia ROCK your world about Russia
‘N’ get adventure
ROLLing Promote tourism and make your contribution to the sustainable development and international relationships Happy tourist = higher profit By:
Polina (c)
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