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Ph. D. Analytical Chemist, Quality Manager

Ph.D Analytical Chemist Resume

Matthias Jahl

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Ph. D. Analytical Chemist, Quality Manager

Matthias J. Jahl, Ph.D
Expert in the analytical chemistry of organometallic compounds. Elemental Analysis (ICP-MS, ICP-AES, GFAA), Chromatography (GC, GC-MS, HPLC, IC), Method validation, LIMS, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing
Also served as manager of the QA group (5 years) consisting of 10 chemists and analysts. Responsible for the routine generation of CofA for all product batches, investigation of OOC events, Continuous Improvement of Analytical Testing, and method validation and development.
4 years experience in petroleum industry. Automation of manual tests, data handling, physical testing and elemental analysis. Served onteam implementation the calibration system for ISO9001 registration for the entire Analytical Support Services laboratory
Air Products and Chemicals, 1995-2011
Mobil Research and Development, 1992 - 1995
University of Massachusetts, 1992
Ph.D - Advisor: Ramon Barnes - Thesis: "Sealed Inductively Coupled Plasma Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy"
Education and Experience
Lafayette College, B.S. Chem 1986
Major Accomplishments
Transferred hardcopy document control system to MS SharePoint
Led the Quality Management system as the company grew from 100 employees to 400 and a 1.2 billion dollar manufacturing facility was constructed and started up. Process units include mining, crushing, flotation, leach,solvent extraction, precipitation, calcination and chlor-alkali plant.
Developed and validated trace metals, chromatography, and trace anion analysis methods for BTBAS, a silicon nitride CVD precursor. Annual sales are currently $13 million
Developed a SPME method to detect volatile organics in a moisture sensitive organometallic compound. Data generated using this method was used in issuing US Patents #6,946,158 & 6,602,783. Co-inventor.
In response to competitive pressure, developed a method that improved the detection limits for selected trace metals in titanium nitride precursors by 1-2 orders of magnitude. The resulting improvement in specifications maintained the company’s market share of this material.
Developed and validated analytical methods for two dielectric precursors, 90 nm process node. Current annual sales are $4 million and $6 million.
Developed trace metals method for a High-K dielectric precursor. A major customer chose Air Products as the primary supplier due to our ability to provide low Zr material. The method was used to identify suitable raw material sources and optimize purification technology to meet the customer’s requirements.
Designed & constructed hardware, and wrote software to automate a solid-phase separation method. The existing procedure required 2-3 hours of manual operation to process 3 samples in parallel. The new apparatus can process up to 30 samples unattended.
Developed methods to assay, boron, metals, anions, amines and urea in diethoxymethylsilane. The methods were critical to identifying the cause of poor product performance in the field and implement corrective actions. Our strong response has led to this precursor being chosen by semiconductor manufacturing companies to manufacture low-k dielectric films for the 45 nm process node.
Coordinated the installation of a LIMS. Configured the LIMS to reflect laboratory operations and developed processes and software to automate data reporting. The LIMS data is used in the company ERP system to approve and release product for sale. Cost savings $35,000 annually.
Adapted a Gel Permeation Chromatography method developed by our corporate Analytical R&D laboratory to utilize more robust equipment available at the plant. A capital savings of over $60,000 was realized while maintaining selectivity and detection limits.
Led cost savings initiatives in the Quality Assurance department. A paperless documentation initiative eliminated search time for hardcopy documents and storage costs (5 year archive). Reduced the analytical turnaround time for our highest volume product from 24 hours to 4-6 hours.
Identified, evaluated, and specified major analytical equipment (ICP-MS, GC-MS) for the laboratory.
Gas Chromatography
Instrument Repair (GC/HPLC/IC)
Ion Chromatography
Visual Basic
Root-cause Analysis
Design of Experiments
Excel VBA
Research Associate - Supporting new product development through analytical method development, establishing of specifications to meet customer requirements, supporting supply chain through characterization of raw materials, , Analysis of product to correlate performance to impurities, Technical support to operations analytical group.
Manager of Quality Assurance Laboratory. Managed a group of 10 chemists and an annual budget of $1.5 million. Responsible for gathering, reporting, and approval of ultra-trace metals, molecular purity, and anion data for standard products for incorporation into Certificates of Analysis for CVD precursors. The analytical laboratory also supports the R&D group, engineering development, and engineering personnel with standard and special analyses that provide data to support product development, process changes, and product shelf-life. Provided technical assistance to the Marketing organization. Applied Six Sigma and Lean methodology to reduce the cost of laboratory analyses. Member of the Quality Steering Committee, Statistical Process Control Committee, Technical Specifications Committee, and Six Sigma Team. The site is ISO9001 certified. Met regularly with customers regarding Statistical Process Control. Investigated OOC events. Assisted in completion of 8D reports in response to customer complaints.
Principal Research Chemist. Responsible for the characterization of organometallic CVD precursors. Developed methods for ultra-trace metals determination and product purity evaluation using atomic spectroscopy (GFAA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS), gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and infra-red spectroscopy. Prepared reports for external customers demonstrating the validity of methods. Evaluated, purchased, and installed new laboratory equipment to support laboratory expansion and provide new analytical capabilities to the company. Worked with IT department to configure and install a LIMS that interfaced to the site Enterprise Design System (SAP). Supervised two B.S. Chemists.
Research Chemist – Mobil Research Development. – Physical Testing Group – automated data collection and some automation of manual tests (robotics). Elemental Analysis Group – technical support and method development by GFAA.
Statistical Process Control
Project Management
Team leadership
Areas I'd like to grow in
Quality by Design
Data Visualization and communication
Technical leadership
Use the arrow buttons to step through my resume in my pre-determined order or simply click on the grey frame around the area that interests you. Spacebar zooms out.
Intel QOS
Molycorp Minerals, LLC 2011-present
Manager of Analytical Services Department (20 people which provides analytical results for ore through finished products including in-process samples.
Lab analyzes over 100 samples per day using physical tests,
titration, XRF, ICP-AES, ICP-MS,and radiation activity
Lead the ISO9001-certified Quality Management system.
Converted Document control to MS SharePoint.
Implemented an internal auditing program.
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