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cyber bullying

No description

Lynn Fang

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of cyber bullying

Is it common? the moive what is cyber bullying ? a 15 year-old British girl, Holly Grogan, fell from a bridge because of the pressure from social networking websites.

Her parents said: "Holly struggled to cope with the huge pressures placed upon her by the modern
'friendship groups' and social networking." Choi Jin-sil, a South Korean actress. She was considered one of the best actresses in South Korea.

On September 8, 2008, Ahn Jae-hwan, another actor was found dead in his car. Ahn committed suicide due to large debts. Rumors started circulating in the active online websites that Choi was a loan shark and had driven Ahn to kill himself. They said Choi had been pressuring Ahn to repay a loan of $2 million. After enduring the accusations which were actually untrue, Choi killed herself. Do we need laws? Many countries are cracking down with cyberbullying laws.

In the USA, more than 35 states have anti-bullying laws. Lynn Taylor, a middle school student ,finds herself the victim of cyberbullying when she becomes a member of a social website. Students at school write horrid comments about her and she becomes afraid to face her friends. The abuse from her schoolmates pushes her to a breaking point, she almost commits suicide by overdosing with pills. Cyber bullying! Cyber bullying is the use of the Internet, cell phones, or other electronic communication devices to spread harmful or embarrassing information about another person. Cyber bully The National Crime Prevention Council reported in 2011 that cyber-bullying is a problem that affects almost half of all American teens! “While bullying through physical intimidation has long been a problem among teenagers, cyberbullying by using computers has become more prevalent in recent years. Even though there might not be physical injuries, it leaves deep emotional scars on the victim.”

--Dr. Jennifer Caudle. European leaders have signed a pact designed to prevent on-line harassment through social websites.
A Good Start,
But More is Needed! However in many parts of the world, the law about cyber bullying is still absent. Like China, Japan,Singapore. work citied
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Nicholson, Alastair. "Schools, Bullying And The Law." Legaldate 23.2 (2011): 2-4. Academic Search Premier. Web. 4 Dec. 2012. what can we do? Ignore them and don’t respond. Some people think this is cowardly, but bullies often feed off of the pain of others and this is one way to stop them from at least feeding off of your pain.
Get help from someone you trust
Save the evidence of what this person is doing to you. It may help later.
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