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Why Contact Sports Should not be Banned

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Jan Magno

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Why Contact Sports Should not be Banned

Examples of Contact Sports
Making the sport safer to play
These sports can change people for the better
Team sports teaches people how to work as a team by setting differences aside to win
Why Contact Sports Should not be Banned
Sitting 1 game after sustaining a concussion
Rule 48 - Punishing a player for hits to the head
There is a risk in playing any sport
Accidents can happen to anyone at anywhere and at anytime
Even in non-contact sports like basketball, soccer and baseball career ending injuries can occur
Keeping helmet on during fights
Hybrid Icing - prevents collisions to the wall as players race for the puck
Making mouth guards mandatory
Require more equipment
Eliminate kickoffs
Leagues like the NHL and NFL are changing some of their rules and suggesting new ones to make the sport as safe as possible
By playing these sports, people can be taken out of bad situations
instead of being out on the streets looking for trouble or doing drugs they can be in the gym trying to be the best athlete they can be
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