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Sherman's March to the Sea

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madelyn reignier

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman's March to the Sea
Where and When the War Started and When the War Ended
It began in Atlanta on November 15,1864

It ended in Savannah on December 21, 1864
Who were the Generals of the Union and Confederate armies?
the general of the Union army was General William T. Sherman
the general of the Confederate army was General John Bell Hood
The Confederate's Plan of Attack
General Hood thought that if he invaded Tennessee, Sherman would have to follow
The Union's Plan of Attack
Sherman split his 60,000 troops into two groups and were ordered to advance on different routes heading for different towns
after each group passed their town, they started heading for the state capital in Milledgeville
Purpose of the march
Sherman's purpose for the march was to scare Georgia's population to leave the Confederate's cause
Order of Events
November 15, 1864, the march officially started
Sherman's army won
when Sherman's army arrived in Savannah, the city was undefended because the 10,000 Confederate soldiers all fled or ran away in fear
his goal was to shorten the war by breaking the Confederate will to fight and he accomplished that and became a hero to the north and a enemy to the south
The Confederates had at least 650
The Union had at least 70
There were at least 720 casualties in all
November 22, 1864, ended very badly, Confederate casualties: 650, Union casualties: 62
November 23, 1864, the state capital surrendered peacefully
December 13, 1864, William B. Hazen captured Fort McAllister
December 21, 1864, the march and battle had ended
Prezi By: Madelyn Reignier
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