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Romeo and Juliet Turing points

No description

Jeff Pitt

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Turing points

Romeo and Juliet
Plot and Turning Points

Scene 1

The Capulets
and the Montegues end their feud
Romeo Meets Juliet
Plot Line
Act I Scene 3
Lady Capulet and the Nurse ask Juliet if she would like to marry Paris. Since she is unsure, they convince her to check him out at the party.

Juliet shows that she is good and obedient daughter.
The Death Scene
Act I Scene 1
The Montegues and the Capulets have fought in the streets of Verona 3 times. The Prince declares that the next person who starts a fight will die.

While his kinsmen were fighting, Romeo was in a field worrying why Rosaline does not love him as he loves her.
Romeo is in love with love
Scene 2
Scene 3
Act I Scene 2

Paris asks Lord Capulet if he can marry Juliet but he is not sure that he wants to allow it, so he asks Paris to stay for the party that they are having that night.

Lord Capulet sends his servant Peter to deliver the invitations. Since Peter can not read, he asks Benvolio and Romeo to read the list to him. When Romeo sees that Rosaline is on the list, he decides to crash the party.
Act 1 Scene 4
Romeo and friends are going to the ball
M believes that love is only physical :) M is a foil to Romeo :(
Foreshadow Romeo has a dream that something bad is going to happen :/
Scene 4
Romeo is in love with Rosaline
Scene 5
Act I Scene 5

The ball at the Lord Capulet's home:
Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and immediately falls in love with her.
Tybalt sees Romeo at the party and is angry that a Montague is at their party.
Romeo and Juliet meet, talk, and realize that they are from opposing families and that they should be enemies
Scene 1
1st Turning Point
Romeo forgots Rosaline and falls in love with Juliet
"Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon"
A speech given by the Chorus in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet.
Tells the audience:
The Capulets and the Montegues hate each other
Romeo and Juliet will die
This will cause the families to forgive each other
That the play is 2 hours long
Romeo hides from Mercutio and Benvolio
Scene 2
Act II Scene 2
The balcony scene
The most famous scene in English theater
Romeo sneaks back to see Juliet and speaks to her at her balcony
An "Aside" is when a character speaks and only the audience can hear.
"But soft, what light through yon' window breaks"

A "monologue" is when one character gives a long speech and other characters hear.
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Romeo speaks in romantic terms of the "moon and stars"
Juliet wants real demonstrations of his love, like marriage.
Romeo and Juliet are in love

and plan to marry
Act 2 Prologue
Chorus tells what has happened and gives hint of things to come in a sonnet.
Scene 3
Act III Scene 3

Romeo leaves Juliet and runs to Friar Lawrence
Friar Lawrence in the town priest who is friends to both the Capulets and Montagues.
He is an expert in herbs and minerals and their healing properties.
At first refuses to marry Romeo and Juliet because Romeo is inconsistent.
Agrees to marry them in hopes that it will end the feud.
Romeo and Juliet are in love

and they plan to marry
Scene 4
Act II Scene 4

Benvolio and Mercutio talk about how Tybalt has written to Lord Montegue wanting to fight Romeo.

Romeo joins his friends.

The nurse comes and talks to Romeo on behalf of Juliet
Act II Scene 1

After the ball, Romeo slips away from Mercutio and Benvolio and climbs the orchard wall to Juliet's house
Scene 5
Romeo and Juliet plan to marry
Act II Scene 5

The nurse approves of Romeo and reports back to Juliet that they will get married that day.

She builds tension by not telling Juliet right away.
Scene 6
Act II Scene 6

Romeo and Juliet go to Friar Lawrence's cell where he marries them in an effort to end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.
2nd Turning Point
Scene 1
Act III Scene 1
Immediately after Romeo and Juliet are married
Mercutio, and Benvolio meet Tybalt in the streets of Verona
Tybalt is looking to fight Romeo
Romeo does not want to fight Tybalt because they are now cousins but does not tell him
Mercutio fights Tybalt to protect Romeo
Romeo tries to stop the fight and Tybalt kills Mercutio
Romeo's MOTIVATION "I was only trying to do the right thing"
Romeo fights and kills Tybalt
Within 3 hours of marrying Juliet, Romeo's best friend and Juliet's cousin are dead
Scene 2
Act III Scene 2
The Nurse tells Juliet about Tybalt's death
Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead and threatens to kill herself (fore shadow)
Romeo is banished from Verona
Juliet's family thinks that she is crying for Tybalt
3rd Turning Point Romeo Kills Tybalt
Scene 3
Scene 3

After killing Tybalt, Romeo runs to Friar Lawrence's cell
Friar Lawrence tells Romeo that, instead of being kill, the Prince has banished him from Verona
Romeo says that it would be better to be dead than without Juliet
Romeo asks for poison and then points a dagger at his heart
Friar Lawrence and the Nurse tell him to "man up"
They make plans for him to go to Juliet
Scene 4
Scene 4
Lord and Lady Capulet Discuss marriage with Paris
The decide that, since everyone is mourning Tybalt
That the wedding should be THURSDAY
Tension Builds
Scene 5
Tone is happy
The Morning Lark:
-Romeo spends the night with Juliet.
-Has to leave in the morning.
Romeo leaves, Juliet's mom tells her about the wedding
-Juliet defends Romeo From her mother.
-Plot: Planning to Kill Romeo.
-Juliet lies to her parents.
-Juliet refuses to marry Paris.
Juliet loses her mother emotionally
-Her father compares her prime to a storm at sea.(Personification)
-Lord Capulet threatens to throw her out.
Juliet loses her father emotionally
Juliet loses the Nurse
Juliet leaves to go to Friar Lawrence
Tone is angry
Scene 5
Scene 1
Scene 2
Act IV
Scene 1
Today is Tuesday
FL cell
Paris talks to Juliet likes she is his wife
Juliets there for FL advice
Foreshadow: She threatens to kill her self
Brings a Knive
The weddings Thursday
Juliet and FL comes up with a plan
Drug keeps her asleep for 42 hours
A note to Romeo
FL tells j to lie.
Foreshadowing: Juliet in the grave
Act IV
Scene 2
C home
"comic relief" cooks
tension gets builds, changes the wedding day to Wednesday, so Juliet wont change her mind about the marriage
"Juliet lie's" approve to marry Paris
Foreshadow: city owes Frair a great debt
Act IV
Scene 3
Juliet has doubts
She drinks the potion.
Scene 3
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