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Street Art

A new art movement start in 80th with Hip Hop music

Matthew Wei

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Street Art

Street art is about interacting with the audience on the street and the peoples...... Street art it's an open society.
- Faile
Street art
Street Art
Street Art
Career Objective
Full Name: Matthew Wei

Birth: 29/9/1991

Education: Queensland University of Technology (2012 - 2016)
James Cook University (2012- 2012)
The Gap State High School (2009 - 2011)

Experience: McWhirters News Agency (2012 - )
Bai xi Restaurant (2010)


I'm an easy going and hard working person, I like doing group work. I have been working in different places to building up my working experience. I like finding different jobs for my experience and I’m seeking a good opportunity to join a company which is suitable for me in the future after I graduate from university. I’m a creative person in my high school. I have been started my Piano lesson since three years old, and last year I was one of the pianist in my The Gap state High School. In my free time like making short film and script, I’m also enjoy music and cooking. I have a good social skill, easy to get along with others. I’m value to this job opportunity and if I can get the job I will work very hard.

E-mail: matwei@me.com
Phone: 0401588373
Street art is and perform art, it by using sprayed stencils, stickers, painting and doodles to embellishing the city. It originally came from Graffiti, but it has evolved Graffiti into a rich and democratic visual expressions. That was now called “Street Art”.
Artless as most well know art form in street art, people usually find it on wall, door, windows and other inappropriate areas. Because that lots of people are not consider it is an art form, but in my understand that artless is a preface description on street art. It gives artiest more freedom to show them intelligent.
Artless often use tag stuckistry to represent them artiest, it have a great influence from Graffiti. In general this art form has no typical from styles. In another word it reference from city cultures and other arts, sometime it could come back in traditional art.
“Art” form street art usually are bigger and organize, is because it have more space for artist to show them talent. “Art” as a legal form in street art, often can find the artist are have a great skills. It often been use in place premises open to general use, which is organizing by government. Or it use for advertisement popper.
"Street art according to the style of work and the method used to create it." - Street Art Uncut, 2006.
Street art is give artist strong freedom, there have on instruction to stop artist to crossing over to another area, so they can use them imagination wildly.
Modern Art
Street Art
"Strictly speaking, Graffiti is a collection of marks made directly onto a wall. Those day such marks might be a written message of love or a political statement."
- Street Art Uncut, 2006, P5
Graffiti, generally it mean any form of unofficial. It is come form the word "graffito", it means any image or text scratched onto a well.Those day when people think about graffiti, they always relate to it sub-genre "graffiti writing". It is influence by Hip-hop music and signature of the author. For most of people Graffiti can be like a secret language which hard to understand, but infect the idea is not reading, is the impression those artist trying to passing on to public.
The Relation between "Graffiti" and "Artless"
In some way, "Graffiti" and "Artless" have lot of sameness. Sometime Graffiti are been repenting in some inappropriate areas, or it may pass some inappropriate massage. It is comment been using by those teenage to spurt out them feeling and identities.
Those day the Street Art we talking about it was started at 1980s, when the American Hip-Hop music begone. In the beginning there are only Graffiti but after an pride of time the from Graffiti transform to another form which are by use rich colour and images to repent artwork in public now we call it "Street Art". Until now the Graffiti is became an sub-genre of Street Art.
Street art is not a printing or a group of printing, it is a voice form demos, and public needs those art. That is the responsibility of artist to realist the public needs art, not to make bourgeois art for the few and ignore the masses. Street art is collect experienced and explored from many individuals with as many different individual ideas to represent one piece. Because it is come from an mass of ideas so it have no final meaning attached, but leave it to viewer to choice the angle to understand the value of the artwork.
Modern Art
Street art
Street art is influence in many different areas; "Political graffiti" is one of the shining exemplar, it is expressing dissatisfaction and raising awareness. “Political graffiti” is connecting with changes of government and the emergence of new issues very closely.
Street creates an open space for street art, some people my still thing public property is truly "public property". People cannot fault to deny, that street art have a great value for the society. And it should get more positive attention from the public. "Street art isn't for anyone. It's for everyone."

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CSIRO-MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU .

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