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Pankh, Wings of Destiny

Pankh, Wings of Destiny is a TRRAIN Foundation initiative to enable People with Disability (PwD) in taking up jobs in Retail. Keywords: PwD, Pankh, TRRAIN, BS Nagesgh, Retail, India, People with Disability.

Neil Merchant

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Pankh, Wings of Destiny


600 People with Disabilities to be trained under project this year.
Estimated fund requirement for their training program is Rs 1.2 crores.

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There are 70 million People with Disabilities in India
Only 100 K are employed
People with Disabilities
are the largest untapped
workforce in the world
G Radhamma
Shaikh Jabid Ali
Radhamma is a 25 year old from Andhra Pradesh.
Her 8 member family draws a collective income of
INR 8000/month.
She has a 45% lower limb orthopedic disability.
She is 12th Pass who stays
at home.
She has no opportunities and feels like a burden, a liability to her family.

Shaikh Jabil Ali is a 21 year old from Andhra Pradesh.
His 6 member family draws a collective income of
INR 6000/month.
He has a 60% lower limb orthopedic disability.
He stays at home with .no opportunities. Like Radhamma, he too feels like a burden, a liability to his family.

"What's a problem is convincing others that its not a problem."

Lais Kari
But, it has second highest attrition rate of 35%
Retail sector employs 33 mn people and the number is expected to grow to 50 mn in the coming years.
We at saw this
as an opportunity and
conceptualized the project
people with disabilities to make
them ready for employment in retail sector.
them with opportunities in the retail sector.
inclusive growth in the retail sector.
Post the completion of residential training program, Radhamma got employed with McDonalds as a Trainee in Oct-2011.
She was awarded the employee of the month for Mar-2012 and proudly flaunted the stars on her cap.
Today Radhamma works with HyperCity Retail as a Cashier

“All this while I was a burden on my family, now I send money home. My parents are very proud of me.
This is a new beginning for me"

Enrolled for the 90 day training program in Hyderabad.
Recruited by Hypercity in Dec 2011 as CashierMonthly salary on joining Rs 6500/-

His supervisor says “He is very focused and has picked up the processes”
7 months post his job he saved Rs 30,000 and sent it to his family.
His family could not believe that he could earn and save that much.

Utter disbelief amongst friends and family that Jabid was working in Hyderabad. He gave them his store address and invited them to visit him and verify for themselves to his amusement some people from his village actually came to the store .

Centre 1
Centre 2
Centre 1
Centre 1
Centre 1
Centre 2
Centre 1
Centre 1
Andhra Pradesh
has partnered with
for this initiative.

is headed by
MEERA SHENOY-pioneer in the field of rural, tribal and disabled youth market linked vocational trainings.

is a not for profit organization based in Hyderabad

Youth 4 Jobs
Youth 4 Jobs
Youth 4 Jobs
Identify PWDs through the Center for People with Disabilities recruitment drives.
90 Day Training Program
45 days
Counseling, English, Life skills, Computers, Work readiness.

35 days
Retail content
Retail Maths, Customer handling, Cashiering

10 days
On the Job Training
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