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The Sonic Boom

No description

Yasmina O'Sullivan

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of The Sonic Boom

THE SONIC BOOM What is a Sonic Boom? Causes Interesting facts about the Sonic Boom. A Sonic Boom A Sonic Boom is what is created when an object moves through air at a speed faster than the speed of sound and shock waves are made. Whenever any object passes through air it forms small presure waves, moving at the speed of sound. These pressure waves are like the ripples made when you throw a stone in water except the ripples emminate from a point that is moving forwards. When travelling at a normal speed the pressure waves travel in a U shape. When an object is speeding up and about to break the sound barrier and the air it is pushing through is struggling to get out of the way of the object, the pressure waves travel in a N shape because the waves are being forces together, because of the increase in pressure. Finally the waves all compress together and come out as one single shock wave, which also gives out a sound and a cone shaped cloud, a Sonic Boom. The Air Force has conducted faster-than-sound test flights since 1947, and today most Air Force fighter aircraft are capable of supersonic speed.
Now all sonic boom tests are done over water and at least 15 miles from shore or must be conducted at least 30,000 feet over land. This is for people's safety because when a sonic boom is created the pressure waves carry on pushing out in a cone shape and it might be dangerous for people if the waves are to strong on them. The cracking sound a Bullwhip creates is in fact a small sonic boom, where the object is moving through air faster than the speed of sound.
When an object moves faster than the speed of sound there are two boom, nut they are so close together that spectators often miss it. If you watch the first few seconds of this video you can see and actual Sonic Boom! If you then watch from 2:30 you'll see something very special. By Yasmina O'Sullivan Thanks For Watching! Other Facts About the Sonic Boom
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