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Electricy things

Virnez Offord

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Electricity

Electricity Daily uses of electricity Incomplete diagram Car Oven Iron Refrigerator Air Conitioner Laptop Phone Radio Tv Flashlight Lamp Drill Notes 6 Safety rules If the circuit is connected with a material that conducts electricity the path is complete. This means that eletricity flows freely and enables the user to function. In my example, the user of electricity is the buzzer and the light bulb. This is easily shown within the 2 simple circuits of my project. Metals are good conductors. Circuit wires are usually made of copper. The copper ends of the wire are conncted to the positive and negative sides of the battery. Failure to connect the wires to the negative and positive sides will prevent electircal energy from flowing. Hence, you have created an incomplete circuit.

If the top/bottom wires of the user are disconnected the light bulb or the buzzer won't function properly. Therefore, it is important to make sure the circuit is complete so electricity can flow.

DO NOT USE PLASTIC CONNECTORS! This is important because electricity can not flow through plastic.
Switch a switch to help turn the user on and off. Doing so will either create a complete or incomplete circuit. It doesn't matter where the switch is it will work. There needs to be a battery in the circuit to make the user functional. The lower voltage dimmer the light bulb is but the higher the voltage higher the bulb lights. Complete diagram & Lights Out Survival Date: 4/12/10

“Click”, what just happened here? Wow the lights just went off. Have your lights gone off before? Well mines have one time I’m going to tell you how I felt. What did I do and how things were different about it.

To begin with I was bored. I as bored because I didn’t do anything fun. Also it was a little bit sad because my mom could not cook a hot meal. A little bit I was mad because I could not watch T V. As well as play the Wii.

Another reason was what kind of things I did. My D S I was charged up before the power went out. Since it was charged I could play it. I ate some Honey Bunches of Oats. However thank God the milk was cold.

`Also a lot of things were different. We had flash lights everywhere and we had a lot of crashing into things. It was mostly really couches. A lot of things were difficult to do. Last we had to take a shower in the dark.

In conclusion a power outage is boring. At least to me it is. However you could make it fun. A lot of things are different. No heat, T V, phone, stove, or light. What is it like to you?
Never put a lot of plugs in the same socket because you can shock your self if you have your hands on the plugs.
Never put your fingers in the sockets because you can kill your self.
When dealing with electricity don’t put the proper extensions in your socket because you can cause a fire in your house if it gets too bad.
Don’t leave space heaters or things like that on if you’re leaving out your house because it can also cause a fire
If the power in you’re house goes out make sure you have a flashlight so you can see.
When you are in your house never use electricity that you have in your house all at the same time because you can have a power outage.
Plan an emergency escape so get out of the house on time.
When electric fire is never put water near or on it.
When a person is in shock do not touch them.
If you do not know 911 call for a operator.
Open the window if you smell gas.
Don’t pull the cord to pull out a plug.
Do not touch a person when they have been shocked by a toaster.
Do not use water on electrical fire.
Never touch a person if shocked from power line.
Don’t take matter in hands tell neighbor or adult.
If you smell rotten eggs call your gas company and the fire department.
Nver use house phone when you smell natural gas use another phone outside your house.
24 Safety Rules
Jordan Singleton
Kashief Mcmillan
Virnez Offord
Davion Profit

Mrs. Hill

Credits Photos Electrifying Journal
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