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Online counseling

No description

Christina Hunter

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Online counseling

Team A: Andrea, Christina, Crystal, Juli Online Counseling Haberstroh, S. (2009). Strategies and Resources for Conducting Online Counseling. Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory, and Research Vol 37, NO.2, 1-20.
Readyminds.com. (2010). Counselor Training. Retrieved from http://www.readyminds.com/training
Recovermedotorg. (2006). Online counseling information. Retrieved from http://www.onlinecounseling.info/
Rummell, C. M., & Joyce, N. R. (2010). 'So wat do u want to wrk on2day?': The Ethical Implications of Online Counseling. Ethics &
Behavior, 20(6), 482-496. doi:10.1080/10508422.2010.521450 References Competence ETHICAL CONCERNS/DRAWBACKS Misrepresentation-Client Fabricate feelings
Age, sex, ethnicity, location
Email/Text (Is it client?) Client Privacy/confidentiality ETHICAL CONCERNS/DRAWBACKS CONT. Adequate Training
Typing Speed/Computer technology
Computer safeguards/data encryption Credentials State-state license laws
Duty to Warn
Resource Provision
Proper technological safeguards
Certification online therapist Conferencing/Email/Text
Transmission of assessment data/diagnoses/client identifying info
Promotes confidentiality (password protection, data encryption, secure socket layer) Blue Screen of Death State to state licensure laws/finances Technical Failures
Upset with Clinician
Prepare client for this to occur Counselor must assure it is permitted by state licensing board.
Nevada State Statutes has no information on distance counseling
Only 8% of state boards clearly endorse distance counseling
Only 31% have adopted American Counseling Association codes for ethical online practice Legal Aspects for Online Counseling Services
(Haberstroh, 2009) Appendix 1- Sample Checklist for online counseling Practice Informed Consent Procedures
(Haberstroh, 2009) Privacy and Confidentiality
(Haberstroh, 2009) Wireless Internet hotspots and public computers not secure.
Must use private and secure computers
Counselors must identify all individuals who have access to session content
Must establish guidelines for how long client information is kept online. Verification of Identity
(Haberstroh, 2009) Develop approaches to verify clients' identities
Initial Verification
Counselors identity (including business websites) Encryption
(Haberstroh, 2009) ACA Standards
Scrambles data packets into formats that cannot be read
Ex: "Hi John" to "1eds36ghy7&5f" Peer-to-Peer (Instant Messaging)
(Haberstroh, 2009) Has to be encrypted
Inquire about how long session transcripts are held on server Computer Health and Updates
(Haberstroh, 2009) Both counselor and client should have current firewall, antivirus, and spyware software
Updates of software should be done regularly Record Keeping
(Haberstroh, 2009) Should be stored Verbatim
Counselors should have clear knowledge of computer storage
Encrypted storage folders should be established online Counselor and Client Competencies
(Haberstroh, 2009) Technological Competencies
Accessibility and Client Competencies
Cultural and Location Considerations Clinical Stratagies
(Haberstroh, 2009) Online relational skills
Online Language
Non-verbal interactions
Session content flow
E-mails Supervision of Online Counseling
(Haberstroh, 2009) Better student self-reflection
But less time conceptualizing client issues
Automatic session transcript for supervisor review
Transcripts could be taken out of context Questions??? “We’re into a whole new world with the Internet, and whenever we sort of cross another plateau in our development, there are those who seek to take advantage of it. “ - Bill Clinton

Hard to reach populations
Limited Mobility
Therapist variety
Convenient, flexible, cost effective
Preference of writing
Less defensiveness and self-consciousness
Higher functioning clients
Thoughtful Responses Benefits of Online Therapy Also called ecounseling
Many methods of use
Choosing a counselor
licensed and experienced
samples of work
member of international society of mental health online
privacy policy clearly posted Wrap up (Recovermedotorg, 2006) Rummell, C. M., & Joyce, N. R. (2010) Distanced Credentialed Counselors (DCC) 15 CEU hours Readyminds.com, (2010) Rummel & Joyce, (2010) Rummel & Joyce, (2010)
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