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OBM4 week 1

Introduction and HRM

Lilian Völker

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of OBM4 week 1

What to expect? OBM4 Written exam 70% If the organizational structure is the skeleton of the organization what is HRM? HRM HRM is part of the 'muscle' of the organization and takes care the organization has enough 'muscle' to run the organization at all times. Group Assignment 20% Participation 10% Recruitment Selection Orientation Training performance management Compensation and Benefits Decruitment Are you using the right channels? How do you attract valuable employees? Career Development What do you tell people you are looking for? How about the unions? What do you tell people about the job you need a candidate for? The right value for the company How do you select the employees with the right value? The right value at this moment (and in the future) The right value for the job The right age, gender, ethnic group? Assessment center? Digital challenge? Personality test? Why is it important? What do you do? Finding your way Company culture Who do you work with? What role do the department managers have? What role does HRM have in Performance Management? What difficulties can you expect with the department managers? Why is it important everyone does the same? Recruitment Selection Orientation Performance Management Training Who decides which employees get what training? It's all about Skill improvement Who decides what training and/or courses are offered? What type of training do you choose? What role does HRM play? Compensation and Benefits Who decides what kind of compensations and benefits? Who decides who gets what? What are the influences? Career Developement Why? What is HRM's involvement? Relationship between Selection and Career Development? Decruitment What is decruitment? What are your options? Firing Layoffs Attrition Transfers Reduced workweeks Early retirements Job Sharing Bring your books and a laptop! Next 10 (!) weeks We'll be working actively in class so show up in class prepared! Now let's make some groups! Well, 5 groups actually.... Next week Homework: Think of the perfect IBMS teacher from the perspective of:
1. A student,
2. A colleague,
3. The manager.
Write this down in the form of a wish list and bring to class next week.
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